Recycled Dog Sweater

This made me laugh; it is just too cute! My dogs would HATE it but I would still try to make them wear it long enough to take a few pictures. Oprah was on Late Night the other night and said that the best gift she has gotten so far this year has been sweaters for her dogs. It is the perfect gift when you don’t know what to give someone. Gift their pet; it’s more personal than a gift card! I think she is right and so do the folks at Voknits.

Now you have a whole new reason to go to the thrift store. Find a sweater for your ‘ugly sweater party’ and find one for you puppy. Or cat if you have a death wish. I love that there is just a little bit of sewing required for this! You need some scissors and a sweater. Here are some other ways to make your pup fashionable…

Find the Voknits’ full article here…

Voknits: Recycled Dog Sweater

Ton Matton’s Chicken Cabinet Produces Fresh Eggs Right In Your Backyard

This chicken cabinet, designed by Ton Matton, is just one example of his amazing ‘free range furniture.’ How clever! DIY chicken coops are a dime-a-dozen but this one stands out from the masses. The cabinet design makes it easy to collect eggs, clean up after the birds, and feed and water them. It’s not an eyesore either!

The space in this cabinet/coop is tiny and the chickens will need a safe place to roam when not in their little house. This would be fun for the city chicken farmer. Yup, that’s a really popular thing right now. It’s just the right size if you want your own eggs but don’t have a lot of space. No one said coops have to be big and ugly. Plus I’ve heard these birds make nice pets.

I love to repurpose and this is a brilliant way to repurpose a china or hoosier cabinet. I am in love with these other furniture repurposing ideas from House Beautiful as well.

See the full article and plans at Inhabitat here…

Inhabitat: Ton Matton’s Chicken Cabinet Produces Fresh Eggs Right In Your Backyard

Dog In Snow Maze

Too cute. Ginzey the pup is adorable and looks like he is having loads of fun in a dog sized maze built just for him. This seems like a pretty good use of snow to me! I was never this creative when shoveling snow as a kid.

I wish the snow was a little deeper. The deeper the snow, the longer the fun lasts. Ginzey was so excited that he broke all the maze ‘rules’ and jumped over the boundaries. Who could blame him? He just loves his owner so much!

I know that my dogs would absolutely destroy something like this and have a fabulous time doing it.

Pets are so fun! Don’t believe me? Here are some more examples. Any animal dressed up in a costume can make me laugh for hours. I’m going to dress my dog like Batman for Halloween.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Platform Bed

Dog lovers rejoice. I have found a DIY to make you and Fido happy. It is a platform bed that has a trundle just for your furry best friend. It’s perfect for small spaces too. The bed can be tucked away during the day when not being used. Big dogs don’t always fit in bed comfortably and this is a nice solution. (A dog bed in the closet might be another possibility to think about.)

I am a big fan of beds with storage and drawers underneath. There never seems to be enough room in my closets! This is a nice twist on those other storage beds. A platform bed like this is going to raise your mattress up, FYI.

If you’re not willing to hop up or get a step stool you might have to say goodbye to the boxspring. My bed is really high and I opted for jumping up. Also, don’t miss these other great DIY bed ideas by Bob Vila… find them here

Here’s the link to House Bella’s full article…

House Bella: Platform Bed

The Chicken Coop

Chicken coops have come such a long ways. Check out the creative details on this one from Trevor’s Projects! His birds are high rollers, living in this swanky penthouse. If you were on the fence considering backyard chickens, this should inspire you to jump off! I love the paint scheme and bright red door! Nice job Trevor!

Find the coop here-

Trevor’s Projects – The Chicken Coop

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 DIY Cat Tent Using An Old T-Shirt

Stylish Eve has a wonderful DIY for a kitty bed/home/toy that cats everywhere are going to love! This is the best way to repurpose cardboard and wire hangers that I have ever seen. I’m excited to put my old t-shirts to use and give my cat a place to hide from the dog at the same time. For some reason cats love to squish into tiny spaces so this is a must-have for cat owners.

Learn how to make your own here…

Stylish Eve – DIY Cat Tent Using An Old T-Shirt

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indoor dog rooms

These pooches are spoiled! Just look as these terrific houses and kennels. They are so swanky. (I think most are nicer than my reading nook!) These designs are classy, blend in and match the decor, and are beyond creative. Fido needs a place to rest his head and he may as well do it in style. Get some inspiration from Home My Design and get to building/buying/creating a stylish home for your pup!

See the houses here…

HomeMyDesign – 25 Cool Indoor Dog Houses

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Modular Cat Climbing Wall

Have you heard of Catswall? I hadn’t before today but now I am convinced that it’s the coolest product out there for cat owners! It is a climbing wall for cats! The best part is that it can be completely customized. You can mix and match it to fit your space and cats. There are boxes, steps and tunnels. The pieces can easily be rearranged too. This is the perfect way to keep you kitties entertained.

I’m not sure if I can get my husband on board with this but the cat would be in kitty heaven and my furniture would probably love having a break from all those claws!

Check it out here…

Catswall – Modular Cat Climbing Wall

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Coops, Hutches, And Other Pet Accommodations

I love my pets and I know you love yours too; it only makes sense that we would want our furry family members to have the nicest houses and cutest places to play. I love this photo gallery from The Owner Builder Network because it has such a variety of ideas. The houses for cats, dogs, and chickens are so creative! You need to see them to believe them.

Here’s the link to all 33…

The Owner Builder Network – Coops, Hutches, And Other Pet Accommodations

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