Pet Hacks

I love my puppies. They aren’t so much puppies anymore as they are big dogs. (And we are thinking about getting a little mini one!) Life with them is fun but never easy. Or cheap. Sometimes DIYs are the only hope for not breaking the bank. Here are 21 projects for you and your dog that are brilliant and budget.

I am all about #1. It would be wonderful if I could keep my car clean! The self dispensing water dish (#3) is cool but wouldn’t work for me and mine. My dogs would destroy it. They need something super durable and that holds gallons of water! The flea power is always a good one to have (#6) and homemade mouthwash too (#8). This roundup has some recipes for tasty treats that they are sure to love and that I am for sure going to make! The Kitchn has 9 recipes for doggie treats that are also must tries! Find them here.

Here’s the link to see all 21 ideas…

Just DIY: 21 Amazing DIY Projects That Will Make You And Your Pup Insanely Happy


Are you a repurposer? Upcycler? DIYer? If you answered yes, then this is the project for you! Take an old, boring, and tired table and turn it into something new and exciting.

This project is so crafty and imaginative! I’ve seen tables repurposed into a lot of things but never this. Have you ever seen a table turned dog bed? It’s a first for me. I love how delicate it looks. White and pink are two of my favorite colors. Know what this bed is missing? A canopy! After All, Fluffy needs to be treated like a princess. Lol.

Another DIY you can make with an old coffee/end table is an ottoman. It is equally as cool as a dog bed and just as creative! I already have a bed for Fido so I might have to try my hand at making an ottoman first. You will love this DIY! Check it out here.

Here’s the link to see the wonderful after photos…

Little Things: Old End Table Gets Flipped And Re-purposed (photos)

Dog House

Jack, the Wheaten Terrier, has a sweet setup. When he gets sent to the ‘dog house’ he only has to go to the den. Yup. His family build the cutest under-the-stairs dog house. I love this idea. My under stairs space is full but maybe if I do some de-cluttering…

I love that the inside of Jack’s house has a nice wood finish to match the outside. A dark wood and stain would look terrific at my house. My dogs would both want one but there isn’t room for two. No one gets one if everyone can’t have one. Do you have room for a cute house like this?

Only the best for our pets! There are some really cute and creative pieces of furniture out there for Spot and Fluffy. You will fall in love with one of these free patterns. I’m picturing a new dog bed/house in your future. Lol.

Here’s the link to all the project photos…

Imgur: Under The Stairs Dog House (photos)

Crate Bumpers

Have you ever seen something on Pinterest or Facebook and instantly fallen in love? You knew that it was the DIY for you and that your life would be a little less great until you got it. Excitement immediately followed by heartbreak. Your amazing craft/project doesn’t come with instructions. Nooooo! I’ve been there. We all have. (Especially, with sewing projects.) Lame. But that’s not the case with these cute dog crate covers. Kevin And Amanda have put together a terrific tutorial and an easy-to-follow sewing pattern for us.

These DIY crate bumpers are ridiculously cute. I tend to go to amazing lengths to make my animals happy; happy and fashionable. These covers should do both. #win! They will also help spruce up boring kennels and get rid of an eye sore in the house or car. I’m ‘sew’ going to make these! I’m sure I can pull it off, minimal skills and all. Adorable!

The Cottage Market has some really fun DIY dog bed ideas. Some will even fit inside your pretty new crate! Find them here.

Find the full tutorial and sewing pattern from Kevin And Amanda here…

Kevin & Amanda: Dog Crate Bumper Pads Sewing Pattern

Hidden Litter Box

This really is a brilliant idea. I love my kitty but not his litter box. How could I?! Gross. Litter is a nightmare. Even when clean, it goes everywhere! And let’s face it, cat boxes aren’t that pretty to look at. This DIY, featured at Little Things, takes care of both those problems.

So what is this wonderful DIY? It is a fashionable piece of furniture that doubles as a useful way to hide your cat boxes. Win! The cat food can even be stored in the extra drawers. Double win! An old dresser has never been so useful. Dressers like this are so cheap on Craigslist right now. There’s enough for all! It’s still important to clean out your cat’s litter box to keep the smell down but this will help keep the mess down and add to your overall decor. I’m not sure where I could fit this, but I’ll find a way to make it work!

Not for you? Maybe one of these ones featured at Buzzfeed is more to your liking. At least one has to catch your eye. Find all 27 here.

See all the project photos (start to finish) here…

Little Things: Dresser Transformed Into Secret Kitty Litter Box Unit

products for cat lovers

Cats have a mind of their own and love to sleep wherever they want and rule the roost. A lot of us are cat lovers or at least know somebody who is a cat lover. There are some wonderful products that you might not know about (such as the kitty treat shooter or the hanging walkway!)…

Your cats will show their appreciation and love when you treat them with kindness and respect and affection. How about providing your kitty a comfortable and private place to snuggle? You’ll find some great ideas in this list! Take a look through – there is a wide variety of cat lover products!

1. Adorable cat cocoon:

cat cocoon

2. Side cat bed:

cat side bed

3. Cat litter hidden nicely in a cabinet:

cabinet kitty litter

4. Cat massage toy:

cat massage toy

5. Cat veranda so your kitty can get some fresh air:

cat veranda

6. Cat coffee table:

cat coffee table

7. The cat cave:

cat cave

8. Toilet paper saver:

toilet paper saver

9. Custom cat portrait:

custom cat portrait

10. Cat whack-a-mole game:

cat whack a mole

11. Cat litter box hidden beneath a plant:

plant kitty litter

12. Self-grooming cat comb:

cat comb

13. Cat cushion trapeze:


14. Long handled kitty litter scooper:

long handled scooper

15. Solar powered kitty toy:

solar powered cat toy

16. Decoy keyboard:

decoy keyboard

17. Stylish cat gym:

stylish cat wheel gym

18. Clear window bird feeder:

cat window bird feeder

19. Couch cat scratcher saver:

cat couch scratch saver

20. Cat window bed:

cat window bed

21. Kitty treat shooter:

kitty treat shooter

22. Fuzzy cat bun bed:

cat bun bed

23. Cat hanging walkway:

cat hanging walkways

24. Indiana Jones cat bridge:

indiana jones cat bridge

25. Soft Paws for your kitty’s claws:

soft paws claws

26. Cat pipeline:

cat pipeline

27. Door vent:

cat door vent

28. Kitt-in-Box cat desk box:

cat desk box

29. Stylish cat pod:

cat pod

30. Cat hammock:

cat beneath chair

31. Outside cat ladder:

outside cat ladder

32. Cat punching bag:

cat punching bag

33. Human and cat rocking chair:

human cat rocking chair

34. Cat radiator bed:

cat radiator bed

35. Cat walkway system:

cat walkway system

36. Cat scratching console:

cat scratching console

the egg plant chicken coop

Question: Why did the chicken fly (flew?) the coop? Answer: To come stay at this lovely chicken home created by Nacychick. I love it! This should definitely be on the list of places you are drawing inspiration from when it comes to building your own. It is the perfect compromise of function and fancy.

The special touches are my favorite. Yes, your birds will be happy in any home that meets all of the basic needs Maslow lined out for us but why not personalize it and make it extra cute? I love the run and high ceilings. The ceiling is even painted to look like the sky. I am pretty keen on the outside color too.

One thing to remember when building…these are your chickens and this is YOUR coop. Be sure to make it look the way you’ve always wanted and dreamed about. Right and wrong? Foggettabotit! Mafia speak for ‘Forget about it.’ Hehe. (I just watched The Godfather and have been talking a bit like the family. Add cute details and make your coop match your personality!

Are chickens becoming the new dog? Think about it… If you answered yes, you might want to start shopping around. eFowl is a good place to start.

See the full set of project photos here…

Backyard Chickens: NavyChick’s Coop

Chicken Coop

Do you have OCD? Obsessive Chicken Disorder. It’s a fever that’s taking the nation by storm. Backyard birds are all the rage. I have avoided getting bitten by this poultry pandemic but many of my friends have not. Just because I don’t have a personal flock doesn’t mean that I don’t admire the people who do and the crazy beautiful condos they build for them in their backyards. One creative way to build a coop is by repurposing old pallets. Pallets can be used for everything else. Why not for the birds?!

Chickens are great little birds! You can get delicious fresh eggs and the satisfaction of feeling like a farmer. And as long as you don’t have a rooster, they will be a good way to make friends with the neighbors. Everyone loves fresh food!

Using recycled building materials (a.k.a. pallets) will save you a bundle when make a coop. This tutorial shows how to make one using only three pallets! I would want to paint mine a snazzy color. Red with white trim to match my house! Any hen would count herself lucky to live here. They would also be lucky to live in one of these luxury homes from Off Grid World.

Find the full tutorial from Oklahoma History here…

Oklahoma History: Chicken Coop Project

Cat Fun House

Greg Krueger of St. James, Minnesota has created a cat paradise for his 4 cats inside of his home. Over the past 15 years he has been adding stairs, cubbies (with lighting), and walkways for his furry friends. It is awesome! He has created over 100 yards of cat walks. I think the spiral staircases are the best. I bet his pets are in feline heaven.

I would never do this! It puts my cat’s scratching tower to shame but he has has quite the mean streak and the last thing I want is for him to jump on someone’s head. Can you imagine? They would never come back! And I would have to wear a hat all the time. Greg’s cat’s all look loving and sweet though. I’m sure they would never do that.

At 49 he was late diagnosed with aspergers and he feels that working on his home has helped him focus in amazing ways. I think he has an terrific hobby and I can’t wait to see what his house looks like years down the road!

If you can’t redesign your house to accommodate your cat then Canadian Living has a fun DIY kitty tunnel that might work for you!

Here’s the video…Enjoy!

Derby The Dog: Running On 3D Printed Prosthetics

Derby looks a little bit like my dog, Denali! The main difference is that he was born with both of his front legs deformed. This pup had a hard go of things until Tara Anderson took him under her wing. He is a such a happy dog even with his disability. She decided to created prosthetics for him. They tried a cart for a while but it limited how he could play with other dogs. 3D printing made it possible to get the perfect fit and alter them over time to better fit his needs without the costs and molds normally needed.

I don’t understand how something ‘printed’ can be durable but it is. In Derby’s case I am so happy that they are! 3D printing absolutely blows my mind. I don’t understand it but it basically prints layer by layer until a real object is formed. It’s getting to where almost anything can be printed. A car, makeup, bikini, iPhone cases, and now these prosthetics for Derby.

3D printing is still spendy for people like you and I. Another drawback is that it can take hours or days to print something. can help answer some of the basic questions on this new type of printing. Check it out if you are just as confused as me! I found it really helpful.

See the heartwarming video here…Enjoy!