You probably know your cat is in danger from other animals, cars, disease, and people. But did you know your cat can be a danger to other animals? They are an animal after all. I’m not just talking small mammals like mice and rats. Cats kill approximately 1 billion songbirds every year. Yes, billion with a B. (Those are the good birds.) If you have noticed a decided dearth of birds in your backyard, your cat may be to blame. Here is an ingenious way to keep your cat safe and those nice birds too.

Check out the catio. Catios, are backyard enclosed patios for cats, are able to keep your cat safe from cars, dogs, owls, hawks, and other people. Yes there are many predators out there waiting to prey upon your little Puss in Boots. My cat is content in the house. But not all cats want to stay indoors. This may be a solution for those who are not. You can make your own and share pictures in the comments. I am curious as to what features your cat would love.

Get all the details to build your own here…

LittleThings: Cats Are Free To Roam Safely With ‘Catios’ (photos)


I love our pets. They are a huge part of our family and just like us. Loud, crazy, energetic, and a little annoying. Yup, that sounds like family. This family needs to get our Christmas decorating done. I love pulling out our old ornaments and looking at them. One set of ornaments that is missing is homemade ones from the pets. This video from from Jumble Joy shows how to make Christmas ornaments of your furry friends’ cute little paws.

You will need one cup of salt, one cup of flour, half a cup of water, parchment paper, a cookie cutter (or something to make the dough into a round shape), and a four legged friend willing to lend you a paw. Press the paw firmly into the dough and then bake your new ornament at 200 degrees for 2-3 hours. Tada! You will have another homemade ornament to add to your collection, this one from a fluffy friend. And just for fun, check out Barkpost for some other pet themed ornaments. So fun.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


We love our three dogs. They are a big part of our life. Every one of them has a different personality, needs, and wants. That is a part of what makes them so much fun. Dogs can communicate with us in basic ways with looks, barks, growls, yips, howls and all sorts of body language. Do you know what your dog is trying to tell you?

It turns out your dog is always trying to tell you things, even dogs as aloof as ours are. That steady unwavering gaze means he loves you. If your dog brings you an item, he isn’t necessarily asking you to throw it. He just wants to give you a gift. Several of my friends have dogs who like to lean on people. This leaning behavior is your dog’s version of cuddling. Or, you may have a dog like our oldest who seems to have taken the role of spokesperson for all three. Denali is now telling me they are all hungry and need to be let out.

Here’s the link to all 12 poses and what they mean…

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We are dog people. We are also cat and koi people but mostly dogs. We have three. Two siberian huskies and a schipperke. Such sweeties. And trouble makers. But mostly sweeties. They love us so much and the feeling is mutual. How can you tell if your pet loves you? By checking out this roundup from Little Things.

This is so interesting! I learned a lot about my pooches. Did you know that your pup looking at you directly in the eyes is the equivalent of a human hug? Or that cuddling after a meal means that you are important to him/her? Number seven is very true for our pets. They get very excited when we get home. Number three is also true. Are any of these true for your pets? I bet they love you to pieces.

Aren’t animals the best? Learn how to understand yours better here. The American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals has an interesting article worth a read.

Here’s the link to all 10 cues…

LittleThings: 10 Secret Ways Your Dogs Says ‘I Love You’


Ok this is crazy! How far would you go for your pets? Would you spend $35,000 on them? I love my furry friends but this is a little ridiculous. One man from Goleta, California, completely transformed his house into a cat wonderland. His 18 cats are living in the lap of luxury in their human sized cat home.

I love the backyard. The pergola is lovely. Surprisingly, the insides of the house still look great. It’s not the disaster you might think. The spiral walkways, scratching poles (floor to ceiling!), and ramps all blend very well into their surrounding and flow seamlessly with the houses decor. I just bought this for my cat. It’s not a remodeled home but he seems to like it and he can hide from the dogs. (I wouldn’t recommend it for large cats, there isn’t a lot of lounging room, but it is perfect for smaller ones.)

See the inside of this kitty fun house here…

Diply: Man With 18 Cats Spends $35,000 To Turn His Home Into A Cat Wonderland


This video from Elman511 is just funny. It’s all about a big egg. ‘Size difference – the big egg is a lot bigger.’ Truer words my friend. Truer words. I love this guy! His commentary is so funny. I like his wife and kid in the background too ‘Weirrrrd!’ Lol. This definitely fits the definition of a twofur (or two for the price of one). Eggs for breakfast anyone? It’s cool to look at and nature/science is amazing but it doesn’t really make me all that hungry. Lol. Are you in the mood for eggs?

I can’t help thinking about that poor chicken! It mustn’t have been fun laying that beast. I don’t imagine laying eggs is altogether pleasant as it is but this must have been especially unpleasant. It must have been like these babies being born. They were a bit larger than average. Yikes! 17.1 pounds? No thank you!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Show an ounce of love and he’ll be your friend for life. So true! Are you a dog person? We are. A little too much sometimes. Someone that I married brought another one home the other day! The nerve. Dogs are wonderful loyal pets and if you have one you know all about that. This roundup from Diply has 16 dog ‘facts’ that only dog lovers will understand. They are all so true!

These are so true! They always want to be by your side, they take over your bed, and occasionally they destroy things you love (shoes!). Number 9 is so true for my house. Our windows are always dirty!

Speaking of wonderful dogs – here is a video that will make your heart smile with the 10 funniest dog videos (according to YouTube user World’s Fuzziest Videos). You’ll have to judge for yourself.

Here’s the link to all 16 ‘facts’…

Diply: 16 Things Only Dog Owners Will Understand


Bernard, is our first child. Well, he is the first pet we ever adopted anyway. As a cat, he likes asserting his independence. He likes swatting at our unsuspecting dogs. He is moody. He wants you to pet him on his own terms. When he is done with the petting he’ll let you know, in sometimes unpleasant ways. Again, he is our first child and we love him.

One thing he has in common with all cats is, he loves to climb. You can usually find him in an elevated location in whichever room he chooses to be in. The back of a couch or the foot of our bed is where you will usually find him. He also likes to hide under tables or behind the curtains. Sometimes, he even climbs above our kitchen cabinets, an amazing acrobatic feat.

Because of all this, I know he would love this cat jungle gym. He deserves a place of his own where he can get away from the dogs, the kids and us for that matter. They look simple to make and actually look pretty good on the walls. You won’t be too much closer to looking like the crazy cat lady. Here are some other fun cat products.

Here’s the link to all 10 ideas…

Diply: 10 Amazing Overhead Playgrounds For Your Cats!

Cat Tree

Cats sure can try your patience. I love my baby but he can be so frustrating! They do tend to have a mind of their own and love to sleep wherever they want and rule the roost. A lot of us are cat owners or at least know somebody who is one. Pet lovers are always looking for the newest and best toys for furry friends. Those things can be expensive! There are DIY options out there. Hooray!

Check out this DIY cat tree! You never would guess that this awesome climbing toy was once yard junk. This is beyond my skill level but I wish it was! I’m so sad I didn’t see this sooner! We had to cut two trees down last week and I just took them to the dump last week. Lame! Lame! Lame! Hopefully I don’t have another tree that dies but if I do…

Here is a climbing tree that isn’t too expensive. It doesn’t look like an actual tree though. What do you think?

See more this fabulous project here…

Little Things: She Transforms A Tree Into A Classy Cat Playground


If you love puppies, kitties, and everything cute and fuzzy, this video is for you. So adorable. Even if you’re not the biggest fan, you won’t be able to resist the cuteness that is six tiny pug puppies snoozing in a row. They just weren’t able to stay awake! (I know the feeling.) They were lulled to sleep by a lullaby and are all blissfully dreaming on their backs. See their little legs twitching? The one with the tongue out? Precious! It’s just like with human babes…they need to sleep on their backs. Lol.

What cute little fur babies! I wish there was room in my life for another living creature but we are maxed out. Dogs, cat, children. Full full full, I have to settle for sleeping pugs and other adorable videos like this one, and this one, and especially this one to get my dose of cuteness. (The dog and the leaf blower is too much!)

Here’s the video… Enjoy!