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DIY Wine Barrel Dog Bed

DIY Wine Barrel Dog Bed

It only takes my two dogs about 6 months to destroy a dog bed. I have found some that are more durable than others but I am still in search … Read More

DIY Backyard Chicken Coop

DIY Backyard Chicken Coop

My family moved to the country when I was just a kiddo. We didn’t have a farm but that didn’t stop us from having a bunch of barnyard animals. Our … Read More

DIY Feline “Cat Walk”

The Ultimate Indoor Kitty Playground

My cat would love this. Our furry friends need exercise and entertainment and this inside jungle gym is just perfect for that. Buying something like this would break the bank! … Read More

doggy bunk bed

Doggy Bunk Bed From Pallets

I am amazed every day at what you guys create using pallets! Pallet furniture is not just for humans anymore… now the dogs are building their own LOL. I first … Read More

diy cat enclosure

DIY Cat Enclosure

Today we are featuring this totally awesome DIY cat enclosure project done by Cuckoo 4 Design! You have to head over to their blog and check out all the photos … Read More

cat hat

Cat Hats For The Holidays

I have no clue how this photographer got these cats to where hats and sit still. I guess some cats are just blessed with an easy going demeanor and others … Read More