Easy DIY Beehive In A Jar

I always thought beekeepers were crazy! Maybe I was stung one too many times as a kiddo. But if there was an easy way to do it… I’d love some organic honey! Remove And Replace has a great tutorial on how we can set up our own personal little hives, it is complete with everything we need to buy too. (Don’t forget that protective wear!) Bees can be temperamental and sensitive, so be sure to do your research! This DIY is a good place for the wanna ‘bee’ keeper to start.

Find the ‘how-to’ here…

RemoveAndReplace – How To Easily Make A Beehive In A Jar DIY Project

Image Credit: removeandreplace.com

DIY Flea Powder

I love my pups! They are a little high maintenance at times but still a part of our family. I really like the idea of using natural minerals and herbs instead of chemicals to treat their bug problems. I don’t like using harsh chemicals on my skin, so why would I like using them on my pets? Primally Inspired has a tested and tried DIY flea powder that is just great! It keeps away ticks, mosquitoes, ants, spiders, and other bugs too. I love all the information. There is the powder recipe, an explanation on what all the ingredients are and what they do, how to use the powder and how often. I love how helpful this is!

See it for yourself here…

PrimallyInspired – Homemade Flea Powder

Image Credit: primallyinspired.com

DIY Chicken Coop Tutorial

What do Chickens serve at birthday parties? Coop Cakes. Haha I couldn’t help it! Coop. Get it? Tinkering Lab has a DIY Tutorial for building a chicken coop and I am excited to feature it here today. There are so many coop ideas out there and this one is top of the line. See how to make it or use the plans to get inspired on how to make one of your own design.

Cluck cluck cluck. Get the plans here…

TinkeringLab – Chicken Coop Part 1

Image Credit: tinkeringlab.blogspot.com

6 Natural Flea Remedies For Dogs

My dogs are a part of our family. I love them to pieces and want the best for them and that means the best products to keep them healthy. We don’t want chemicals used to keep the bugs off of our veggies so why would we put them on our pets to keep the bugs off? Everyday Roots has come up with some natural alternatives that are pretty great.

These will be nice to know for summer…

EverydayRoots – Naturally Prevent And Get Rid Of Fleas

Image Credit: everydayroots.com

 Homemade Carrot And Banana Dog Treats

Only the best for our four legged friends, right?! 17 Apart couldn’t agree more. They have taken to making gourmet all natural dog treats and this recipe for banana carrot treats is a sure fire winner. I stumbled onto this recipe and my dogs will be so glad that I did. They are easy to make and only use simple baking ingredients already in the cupboards. Hooray!

The pups will be so happy! Get the recipe here…

17Apart – Carrot And Banana Dog Treat Recipe

Image Credit: 17apart.com