upside down stool wrapping paper station

I just came across this really great organization idea over at the 2 Little Hooligans blog. Such a good idea and simple to make.

I am always looking for creative storage solutions and totally love this. The only technical part to this project is sewing the bags that hang off the sides. I am sure you can find alternatives if you don’t want to sew.

Check out the full tutorial here…

2 Little Hooligans: Wrapping Paper Organizer

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how to make a sewing armoire

When you don’t have a lot of space in your home it really helps to make rooms multi-purpose. Here’s a great example… By building a “sewing armoire” like pictured above you can easy double the use of just about any room in your home!

In this example the armoire is placed in the guest room and now you have a combo guest room and sewing room all in one. This idea could also be applied to the home office concept. If you don’t have a dedicated room for an office, you could do the same setup.

Love this idea and all the photos. Here’s the link so you can check it out…

LindyCottage: Building A Magic Sewing Table

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diy craft desk

I instantly recognized those white shelving units pictured in the photo above as I had been using those as dressers for my boys with square fabric totes for “drawers”. I believe we got them from Target. Before we moved out west we sold them but this looks like a really great way to repurpose them!

I’d love to take just two of them and make a nice desk for the office space too. I wouldn’t need to add on a secondary table to make the L shape. It’s amazing what you can do with your existing stuff and a little MDF and elbow grease.

Here’s the link to the DIY guide with lots more photos and tips…

Janny Pie: Craft Desk Revisited

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craft room organization ideas

When I finally get a free minute to spend on crafting it’s always nice to have a clean and organized area that is actually relaxing instead of stressful. It totally defeats the point of crafting if you have to spend the whole time you have just looking for the items you need!

Here’s 16 great little ideas for organizing your craft space and will help you get a lot more done. I really like the wine rack idea for storing wrapping paper – perfect solution!

See the rest of the ideas right here…

CleanAndScentsible – 16 Craft Supply Organization Tips

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