There are lots of pillow DIYs out there (one of my favorites are these sweater pillows). But which pillows to make? You don’t want to be one of those people whose house is covered with hundreds of pillows. (And cats – the two seem to go hand in hand. At least in the movies.) Check out this DIY from YouTube User It’s Just Sewing. I’m so excited to feature it here today and even more excited to add it to my list of things to make.

Guess what?! This is a no-sew DIY. My favorite. My hubby will tell you that my sewing skills aren’t the greatest. You aren’t actually going to be making a pillow here but a pillow sham, which is awesome. Why? Because with shams you can change to look of your pillows whenever you want. You need one yard of fabric. That is it! This kind of reminds me of swaddling a baby! Lol.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Stay Warm

Winter is coming. Boo. I’m not ready for fall to be over. The leaves are just starting to fall and the crisp air just got here. Please let it stay here longer. I get so cold during the winter months. This roundup is going to help me stay warm.

DIY socks and slippers are awesome and the best way to stay to cozy. This roundup from All For Fashion Design has six toasty warm socks that you can make from things around your house, like an old sweater. I have loads of those.

Winter is coming is the motto of House Stark. Are you a fan of Game Of Thrones? I’ve read a few of the books and like them a lot. I can’t watch the series on HBO. There is a little too much blood, gore, and violence for me. Learn a little more about the frigid motto here.

Here’s the link to all the tutorials…

AllFashion: 6 Amazing DIY Ideas That Will Keep You Warm This Winter

Crate Bumpers

Have you ever seen something on Pinterest or Facebook and instantly fallen in love? You knew that it was the DIY for you and that your life would be a little less great until you got it. Excitement immediately followed by heartbreak. Your amazing craft/project doesn’t come with instructions. Nooooo! I’ve been there. We all have. (Especially, with sewing projects.) Lame. But that’s not the case with these cute dog crate covers. Kevin And Amanda have put together a terrific tutorial and an easy-to-follow sewing pattern for us.

These DIY crate bumpers are ridiculously cute. I tend to go to amazing lengths to make my animals happy; happy and fashionable. These covers should do both. #win! They will also help spruce up boring kennels and get rid of an eye sore in the house or car. I’m ‘sew’ going to make these! I’m sure I can pull it off, minimal skills and all. Adorable!

The Cottage Market has some really fun DIY dog bed ideas. Some will even fit inside your pretty new crate! Find them here.

Find the full tutorial and sewing pattern from Kevin And Amanda here…

Kevin & Amanda: Dog Crate Bumper Pads Sewing Pattern

new life to old jeans

Jeans have been around for a long time, and most of us own a pair (if not a few!). Most of you have some old jeans kicking around that perhaps were your favorite at one point but now they may be too old or out-dated.

We’ve scoured the web to come up with some unique and creative ways to rejuvenate those old jeans so you can wear them once again. There is a lot you can do with an old pair of jeans! Add lace accents or even gems. Have fun browsing…

1. Bleached Aztec Style Jeans:

bleached aztec jeansMintedstrawberry.blogspot.com

2. Easy Tie Dye Jeans:

diy tie dye jeansGarotasmodernas.com

3. Paint Splattered Jeans:

paint splattered jeansMisskristurner.com

4. Lace Bottom Jeans:

lace bottom jeansInterestingfor.me

5. Palm Tree Print Jeans:

palm tree print jeansGoldfishkiss.com

6. DIY Distressed Jeans:

diy distressed jeansBlog.fossil.com

7. American Flag Jeans:

american flag jeansBlog.freepeople.com

8. DIY Studded Cuff Jeans:

diy studded cuff jeansBlog.forever21.com

9. DIY Studded Cuff Jeans Alternative:

diy studded cuff jeansIlove-beauty.com

10. Boot Cut Jeans Turned Into Skinny Jeans:

diy skinny jeansBrit.co

11. Patchwork Jeans:

patchwork jeansUnetouchederoseeng.blogspot.fr

12. DIY Lacey Jeans:


13. Distressed Stained Jeans:

distressed stained jeansLovethispic.com

14. Polkadot Boyfriend Jeans:

polkadot boyfriend jeanshttp://Ilove-beauty.com

15. DIY Ripped Jeans:

diy ripped jeansOurdailyideas.com

16. Sharpie Lace Printed Jeans:

sharpie lace printed jeansParitatime.com

17. DIY Dotty Jeans:

diy dotty jeansBlog.imbreannarose.com

I hope you enjoyed this round-up!

50 Sewing Tips

I was in 4H as a kid (sixth grade to freshman year) and I picked up a few sewing tips but not as many as I’d have liked too. There were just a bunch of other important things on my mind back then. Mostly boys and cheerleading. I didn’t know I’d ever want the info later.

These tips are so great! I’m going to be bookmarking this page and be referring back to it quite a lot; what a list! This is a wonderful resource to have for newbies and experts alike. This comprehensive roundup of tips is broken up into 6 sections: getting started, basics for beginners, technique, gadgets, fabric, and there is even a ‘for kids’ section. Some tutorial examples that I’m really excited about are understanding your sewing machine, how to sew a straight line, hemming jeans, sewing ruffles, and pattern cutting. I’m going to study up sewing with lace and cleaning my machine too.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Says who? You’re never too old to learn a new tip or two. Be sure you start following Sewaholic for more help with sewing! She has a constant stream of project, tips and inspiration for the modern seamstress.

Find the full article from Crazy Little Projects here…

Crazy Little Projects: 50 Sewing Tips For Beginners And Pros

41 Awesomely Easy No-Sew DIY Clothing Hacks

Master seamstress I am not. I don’t even have a sewing machine right now! That doesn’t mean that I don’t still love to make things. These would be fun to try! Who doesn’t have some free time? I love all the beach cover-ups but would be a little afraid that some of the skirts would fall off..but I’m willing to give ‘em a try!

See all 41 here…

Buzzfeed – 41 Awesomely Easy No-Sew DIY Clothing Hacks

Image Credit: buzzfeed.com

Fast And Easy DIY Hem Jeans

If you buy a super spendy pair of jeans, a lot of times the store will hem them for you if asked (a little known retail secret). I have someone I trust with all my alterations but I might be ready to try my own. This scares me a little. I love my jeans and sewing and cutting them could be a disaster! I’m excited to feature Diply and this detailed video tutorial. There are so many different hemming options here. I love to have choices, don’t you? I think I might be getting the confidence to try this for myself.

Continue HERE to see the tutorial…

Diply – Fast And Easy DIY Hem Jeans

Image Credit: diply.com

DIY Towel Wrap

So clever! This would make the perfect gift (hint hint hint). If no one makes me one I can grab my sewing machine and follow the great tutorial from Sisters Of The Wild West. I am going to be the most stylish girl at the pool or getting ready in the morning. Love. It.

Learn how to make your own here…

Sisters Of The Wild West – DIY Towel Wrap

Image Credit: sistersofthewildwest.blogspot.com


Puff blanket, bubble quilt, biscuit quilt; it is adorable no matter what you call it. This is the first time I have seen anything like this and I am smitten. (Especially with the rainbow one!)These unique blankets are the perfect play mat for the little babe, snuggling on the couch, or even as a bedspread. Awaiting Ava is a pro at making these and has a wonderful tutorial so we can learn to make our own!

Here’s the link to the tutorial…

AwaitingAda – Bubble Quilt, Puff Blanket, Biscuit Quilt (Tutorial)

Image Credit: awaitingava.com

33 Ways To Repurposes Denim Jeans

Jeans don’t last forever. I am very careful with my precious denim and follow all of the washing instructions religiously (cold cycle, inside out, every 3-4 wears, dry flat). Even as careful as I am, they will eventually fade, rip, and die. The only good thing about this is that there are such awesome ways to repurpose them! Eco Admirer has rounded up 33 terrific projects that I am so excited to feature (and I can’t wait to try)!

See all 33 here…

EcoAdmirer – 33 Ways To Reuse Denim Jeans

Image Credit: ecoadmirer.com