Puff blanket, bubble quilt, biscuit quilt; it is adorable no matter what you call it. This is the first time I have seen anything like this and I am smitten. (Especially with the rainbow one!)These unique blankets are the perfect play mat for the little babe, snuggling on the couch, or even as a bedspread. Awaiting Ava is a pro at making these and has a wonderful tutorial so we can learn to make our own!

Here’s the link to the tutorial…

AwaitingAda – Bubble Quilt, Puff Blanket, Biscuit Quilt (Tutorial)

Image Credit: awaitingava.com

33 Ways To Repurposes Denim Jeans

Jeans don’t last forever. I am very careful with my precious denim and follow all of the washing instructions religiously (cold cycle, inside out, every 3-4 wears, dry flat). Even as careful as I am, they will eventually fade, rip, and die. The only good thing about this is that there are such awesome ways to repurpose them! Eco Admirer has rounded up 33 terrific projects that I am so excited to feature (and I can’t wait to try)!

See all 33 here…

EcoAdmirer – 33 Ways To Reuse Denim Jeans

Image Credit: ecoadmirer.com

25 Cute Things To Sew For Little Boys

Sewing for little boys can be just as fun as sewing for little girls. It just may take longer to find cute patterns and designs. (Those adorable frilly dress patterns are everywhere!) Crazy Little Projects has you covered with an awesome roundup. From superheroes to sleeping bags, I’m sure there is something the little man in your life will love.

Here’s the link to all 25…

CrazyLittleProjects – 25 Things To Sew For Boys

Image Credit: crazylittleprojects.com

Rag Quilt Tutorial

I love this. People are always giving quilts at baby showers and for birthdays or Christmas and I wish I could do that. I want to do something more meaningful than a Target gift card. Something personal is so special and will make a keepsake for years to come. I am excited to feature this tutorial from The Complete Guide To Imperfect Homemaking. Nice!

Here it is…

ImperfectHomemaking – Easy, Thrifty, Pretty Rag Quilt Tutorial

Image Credit: imperfecthomemaking.com

Sew Your Own Sock Owl

Owl crafts are a “hoot.” They are so adorable. With the right tutorial you can learn to make anything and here is the best one to teach you how to make a sock owl. I think this would make an awesome gift for someone. We all know that homemade and DIY is the best! Right?! Yup, and this one is no exception.

Follow the link to find the pattern and tutorial…

CraftPassion – How To Sew A Sock Owl

Image Credit: craftpassion.com

Turn A Bikini  Into A Crop Top

Swim suits are starting to show up in stores. Crazy that summer is coming! I’ve stumbled across this great idea for turning an old bikini (or sports bra) into a crop top and you need to see it for yourself. To get started grab your old top, some needle and thread, and some lace. After you gather up your goodies follow the link to the tutorial!

Here’s the link to the instructions…

SwellBlog – Bikini To Crop Top

Image Credit: blog.swell.com

10 Baby Gifts You Can Sew

I am right in the middle of planning a baby shower for my bestie. It is a lot of hard work but I am having so much fun! There are so many great “baby” things and crafts out there. I stumbled onto this roundup with 10 baby gifts to sew and it is great. You will blow everyone away with the best gift at the party if you make any one of these.

I love it! Here is the link…

BlissfullyDomestic – 10 Baby Gifts You Can Sew

Image credit: blissfullydomestic.com

Chipolino Spokes Knitted Slippers

I have never thought about knitting slippers. I have mastered the scarf and my hats aren’t too shabby, but slippers? With the right tutorial, even an amateur like me can end up with some pretty great footwear. Cmpana Mam’s tutorial will take you through each step in the knitting process and at the end you will have a new pair of slippers!

Find out all the details. Here is the link…

CmpanaMam – Knitted Slippers Chipolino Stitch

Image Credit: stranamam.ru