We have all heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” Nowhere does that apply better than when cleaning. Especially spring cleaning. Do you love cleaning out all the cobwebs and cupboards? Not many of us do. But if you are one of the few, here is the help you’ve been waiting for! Darling Magazine has created a ‘no-stress’ schedule for spring cleaning that should really allow us to work smarter this year. Sound like a plan?

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be an insurmountable task anymore. This schedule spaces your cleaning out over four weeks with each week focusing on a different room of the house; kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. There is also a checklist of what needs to be cleaned in each room. Amazing!

Need more cleaning ideas? Here are some great ones. Love ‘em! And here is a printable checklist too.

Find the full schedule here…

Darling: A No-Stress Schedule For Spring Cleaning


Gardening. Blech. I love having a beautiful garden but hate all the work that goes into making and keeping it pretty. I tend to call my mom when I need busy work done around the yard. Playing in the dirt and sun makes her happy. I do need to develop my own skill set though. This roundup from Cute DIY Projects has 50 garden tips perfect for improving your skills. It promises to turn you into an expert. Let’s see if it’s true!

There are so many tips here! The ‘do’s and don’ts’ of tomato growing, how to grow better carrots, How to make natural insect spray and weed killer. This roundup shows how to make your own compost, elevated flower beds and so much more. 44 more!

Everyone should have a garden! Off The Grid News has five reasons that might convince you. Stress relief is my favorite!

Find all 50 tips and tricks here…

CuteDIY: 50 Garden Tips And Hacks To Turn You Into A Gardening Expert!


Tomatoes. Ewww gross! I like spaghetti sauce, ketchup, and other things that are made from tomatoes but I don’t like the actual fruit. (Yes, it’s actually a fruit and not a veggie. You can learn more about it here.) Sadly, my husband adores them and he insists that we plant them. We plant them but that doesn’t mean we can grow them. Lol. Maybe this will help.

The Wannabe Homesteader has some tips on how to grow seedlings from an overripe tomato wasting away in the fridge. Just like he says in the video…’It’s almost too easy.’ All you need…a pot, some soil, and of course a tomato. That seems pretty easy! Fill your pot up with soil. Cut your tomatoes one quarter-inch (ish) thick and place in the dirt. Cover tomatoes with dirt but not too deep. Water and wait. Voila!

What are your thoughts on this? Think it works? I read somewhere that you shouldn’t use hybrid tomatoes (which are mostly what stores sell or they won’t grow true.)

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Has the organic bug bitten you? There is this crazy and intense epidemic that is sweeping the nation. Fresh is best! Pesticide free is perfection. Organic is ‘oh-my-goodness’ expensive. People love organic fruits and vegetable (present company included). Eating healthy and fresh doesn’t have to break the bank…if you grow your veggies yourself!

Easier said than done. Not everyone has a green thumb and can grow a fabulous vegetable garden. Kudos to you if you are one of those people who can. I wouldn’t say that my thumb is black (I’ve kept an orchid alive for almost two years now!) but it isn’t ‘Green Giant’ green. This video from GrowVeg has 10 simple tips for how to have a successful vegetable garden. Love ‘em!

Think you’re going to give this a go? Here are some other tips to check out that will help get you well on your way.

Find the helpful video here… Enjoy!

Toilet Trick

This video from Clean My Space screams college hack. It’s all about how to unclog a toilet without a plunger. And why is this a college hack? Because during that time in your life it’s all about mac and cheese and ketchup packets. Budget! There aren’t extra pennies to spare on things we might now take for granted. Things like plungers.

Melissa shows us in this short video how a bucket, hot water, and some dish soap can go a long way in fixing bathroom messes. This is a great two for one. It cleans the toilet and unclogs it at the same time. A hack like this would come in handy when you’re staying in a hotel or on vacation. I guess there aren’t always plungers around.

wikiHow has seven other ways that you can unclog your toilet. It’s always good to be prepared in the bathroom! Lol.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


I love Vicks VapoRub. My parents used it on me all the time when I was little so the smell reminds me of being taken care of and loved and my favorite blanket. I’ve never used it for anything other than helping me breathe better but this roundup from Diply has 12 other ways it can be used that you’ve probably never thought of before. They are great and I’m pretty sure you’ll like them as much as I do.

Next time your muscles are aching grab your Vicks from the medicine cabinet. Grab it when your ear starts aching and your hinges star squeaking. It can be used to make ‘shower bombs.’ And this is a weird one…cure toenail fungus. Follow the link below to see all of the other ideas.

There are some homemade versions out there of Vicks too. You can never be too prepared for cold season. Check out this recipe from Garden Therapy.

Find all 12 uses here…

Diply: 12 Clever Ways To Use Vicks VapoRub You’ve Probably Never Thought Of


For many of us, organizing and finding space can often be a challenge. Especially, when it comes to our closets and dressers. This 16 second video from Klara Egilson is going to be a pretty great space saver. (It’s going to take a few more minutes than just rolling them all into a ball but I think it ultimately will save space and make finding matching ones easier.

The rolling method involves stretching the top of one sock and looping the other through, to keep pairs together. The downfall of this method is that they can stretch out and and come undone in the sock drawer. The folding method seems like it would keep them together better. I think the downfall is that this method only works with longer socks. Not the shorter ones and that is mostly what I have. Need more help organizing your clothes? Lifehacker has some great tips here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

add space to tiny home

How big is your house? My bestie just bought a new house in Queen Anne (Seattle). It is a gorgeous townhome that is straight out of an Ikea catalogue. I love it! The only downfall? It is pretty small. That’s how it is when you buy in the heart of the city. Good thing for them, and for everyone else in the same boat, there are great space saving hacks out there! Hacks like these ones from Diply.

Is your closet miniscule? Are you lacking in cabinet space? Or space in general in the kitchen? The bathroom? No worries, Mate. This roundup has something for everyone. Even the kids! My house is fairly large and yet I could still use a bunch of these (especially the kitchen ones!). Numbers 2, 3, and 12 are my favorites. Using the space behind the door is a great idea. It’s almost always wasted!

Find all 16 ideas here…

Diply: 16 Solutions To Add Space To Any Home


The magazine holder. That strange shaped box no one can quite figure out how to best use. Do you actually put your magazines in them? My magazines are always fanned out on the coffee table. Nothing to be embarrassed about here in my collection of years old People magazines. Maybe I should throw those in the recycling. This uniquely shaped container is actually a wonderful item that can be used to store so many things. Everything from toilet paper to canned goods to flip flops! Who knew? Not I!

One of my favorite ideas is to install one on the inside of a cupboard door and use it to store wraps such as tinfoil and plastic wrap. I also love the idea of placing a magazine holder in the corner of a room as a makeshift shelf. It looks great and cuts down on the small clutter items that tend to collect on table and desk tops.

Find all 19 ideas here…

Diply: 19 Clever Ways Magazine Holders Can Organize Your Life

Lint Filter

I always thought cleaning the lint out of the lint trap of my dryer after every load was all the regular maintenance my dryer needed. It turns out I wasn’t doing enough. According to Whitney Crooks’ Son-in-law, Cameron, doing so isn’t enough. There is wax and other invisible things that build up in the lint trap when you use fabric softener. There are two ways to fix this. Stop using fabric softener. You can stop with the fabric softener by using tennis balls or specific dryer balls in your dryer. Personally, I love the smell, feel and reduced static of Bounce dryer sheets. I’m not giving those puppies up. So for me, well, watch the below video and you will see how I am going to take an extra step in cleaning out my lint trap.

While you are learning about dryer lint you should learn just how flammable it is. This video shows how to make a firestarter out of lint. As you can imagine if it is a good firestarter you probably don’t want lint to build up around your house. Your dryer’s lint trap does not catch as much lint as you think it does. Here is how you clean out the dryer exhaust pipe in your home.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Son in law Cameron Beckwith,just showed me something I didn't know..good information

Posted by Whitney Crooks on Saturday, January 3, 2015