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Life hacks for hiding eyes sores in the house, for cooking in the microwave, for girls only, for guys only, for small kitchens, for gardening, for fashion makeovers and cleaning…there is a ‘hack’ for everything under the sun but here is the one you really need.

The Christmas version! This is the time of year to be creative and these 10 clever ideas might really help you out of a tight spot when you’re ‘up a creek.’ They are also just time saving and fun! I am definitely going to be storing these away.

I love the holiday brecky pancakes! Decorating cookies with condiment bottles is a great too, and I’m pretty sure I have some left over from a summer picnic.#win! I can personally swear by #3. My lights have never been more organized. Christmas Lights Etc has more help with lights that you will love…

See all 10 hacks here…Enjoy!

fold fitted sheet

This is just totally amazing. I have to admit that the one thing I absolutely hate to fold is fitted sheets. I can never get them to turn out right. They just end up in a really sloppy basic square fold and I call it good. Before seeing this video…

I had no idea it was even possible to fold them but now I know better. With a bit of practice you too can master this little trick and have a perfect fitted sheet fold every time. Watch and learn…

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30 Inventive DIY Hacks To Better Your Home

I’m livin’ the good life and that’s in part because of roundups like this one. These hacks are so random but completely clever and useful! I’m rockin #7 but in my laundry room with cleaning supplies instead of snacks. (I think we all know that snacks would be way more fun!) I wish I’d known about #20 sooner! I bought something at the store that is supposed to store the bags under the sink but it doesn’t work at all. I’m going to have to give this a try instead. That and a bunch of others!

Here’s the link to all 30 and Diply’s full article: Diply: 30 Inventive DIY Hacks To Better Your Home

Owning a home is difficult at the best of times, but there are some simple things you can do to make life that bit easier. This guide will look at some inventive DIY hacks for your home. Not only do these make life easier but they can also save you some money.

DIY Hacks we will Cover:

– Cheap Polka Dot Stencil
– Clever Thermostat cover
– Attractive Whiteboards
– Storing Plastic Bags
– Rug Grippers
– Nail Holder

Cheap Polka Dot Stencil

If you want to paint a polka dot effect onto a wall then there are plenty of stencils you can buy for the job. However, you can do the same for much cheaper. Find an old laundry basket which has holes in it. Carefully cut along the ends and unfold the basket. This can then be secured to the wall using low tack tape and painted through. The stencil can then be moved along to complete a whole wall, just make sure the stencil is lined up properly.

Clever Thermostat Cover

Thermostats are very useful devices which can regulate the temperature of your home, even so they aren’t the nicest things to look at. It’s not possible to cover them permanently. A neat solution is to hang a painting which covers them. An even better idea is to put the picture on hinges instead of using picture hooks. This allows you to open up the picture like a door and gain access to the thermostat.

Attractive Whiteboards

A whiteboard is a great way to make notes and leave messages for other family members. However, a whiteboard isn’t very attractive and will look out of place in most homes. Instead you can use a piece of glass with a color behind to contrast with the black ink. Any picture frame will do the job, and so this makes it easy to customize it to suit the decor of your home.

Storing Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are useful and should be reused rather than being thrown away. However, they can be difficult and messy to store. Why not keep them in a tissue box so that you can pull them out one by one. The tissue box can even be attached to the inside of a door to keep them out of sight.

Rug Grippers

Rugs will slip on hard floors which can be awkward and dangerous. To add extra grip to your rug use acrylic latex caulk on the underside. Leave this to dry completely and then put it down on your floor. The caulk is spongy and will add extra resistance to keep the rug in place. It won’t cause any damage to your flooring as long as you wait until it has dried before putting it down.

Nail Holder

Trying to hold multiple nails while driving another one into a piece of wood can be very difficult. Putting the nails down would be one option, but they are so small it’s easy to lose them. Instead, why not glue a small magnet onto the bottom of your hammer. Then you can use it to store several nails and keep them exactly where you know they are. This could even be used to try to retrieve the nails that you’ve already dropped.

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Gardening Hacks That Will Make Your Garden The Talk Of The Town

These 15 tips from Viralnova are going to help take your gardening to the next level. The shower caddy hanging gardens are so clever. The shoe rack ones too. I can always take more gardening tips and fun ideas. Using eggs and lemons to start seedlings indoors are something I want to try also.

Get all the tips here-

Viralnova – Gardening Hacks That Will Make Your Garden The Talk Of The Town

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16 Genius Ways To Use An Ice Cube Tray

I got a new fridge last year and it is pretty snobby; it’s too good for those old ice cube trays, what with a new ice maker. The trays have been gathering dust but now they can be put to good use! #7?! Peanut Butter Cups??? WOWZA! And individual cubed sauces, herbs, and cooking ingredients are all fabulous ideas that I will use over and over again! I can’t wait to try them all.

See the full roundup here: Diply: 16 Genius Ways To Use An Ice Cube Tray

When you bought your new freezer it probably came with an ice cube tray. These hardly ever get any use apart from during the summer when people want to make ice cubes to cool their drinks down. There are lots of creative ways to use ice cube trays.

Some unique ways to use ice cube trays:

– To save leftover wine
– To cover strawberries in Chocolate
– Storing Buttermilk
– Storing Baby food

To Save Left over Wine

If you opened a bottle of wine and aren’t able to finish drinking it, then you could save it by freezing it. A great way to do this is to pour the wine into an ice cube tray and freeze it. The wine will keep for many months and can be used for cooking. Whenever you want to cook with wine, simply drop one or two cubes into your dishes.

To Cover Strawberries in Chocolate

Dipping strawberries in chocolate is quite a messy task. To make this much easier and less messy you can fill an ice cube tray partially with chocolate. Before putting the chocolate inside it is sensible to use a non-stick oil spray to coat the ice cube tray so that the chocolate slides out easily. Then drop your strawberries into the chocolate. This will cover the strawberries in chocolate without making mess everywhere. Once the chocolate is set you can remove the strawberries and use as normal.

Storing Buttermilk

Butter milk is a very useful ingredient called for in a number of recipes. However, it doesn’t get used much and this means that you will often waste quite a lot. Portion out the buttermilk by putting it into an ice cube tray and freezing. If you put two tablespoons in each ice cube it’s the perfect dose for many recipes.

Storing Baby Food

If you buy baby food then it can be very expensive. A cheaper option is to make your own, the problem is that making a small amount is quite difficult. You can make extra and then freeze it by putting it into ice cube trays. Then you can defrost exactly the right amount of food and warm it up for your baby.

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New Ways To Use Everyday Items

Now this was helpful! I can’t wait to try these tricks out. Hand sanitizer to remove ink stains, mustard to help with burns, sugar to help flowers live longer, and marshmallows to help with sore throats. Those are just a few of the crazy ideas in this roundup. Thanks Diply for the wonderful ideas!

See all 26 here… Diply: 26 Life Changing New Ways To Use Everyday Items

Out of all the ideas from the round up – my absolute favorites are:

Use A Can Opener To Open Impossible Packaging

can opener hack

This is the absolute best trick! There is nothing quite as frustrating as not being able to open a new electronic device. I have used scissors and knives with no avail on some of these packages. This new trick will be life changing.

Paper Hole Reinforcements For A Manicure?!

manicure hack

Here’s another awesome trick that I never would have thought of before. I am always running out of these but now I have an alternative. Perfect!

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natural spider

Spiders! Say it ain’t so! My neck of the woods is infested with all kinds of creepy crawly spiders, including both the black widow and brown recluse. Even if you’re not afraid of spiders you don’t want them in your house. Tips Bulletin has gathered up 14 all natural ways to keep those arachnoids out. I am going to try each and every one of these until I find a favorite! Can you tell that spiders aren’t my fav?

Learn how to keep your house spider free here-

Tips Bulletin – 14 Great Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home Naturally

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13 Absolutely Brilliant Ways To Use Your Phone’s Camera

How nice to use my phone for something other than FB once in a while! #1 would have saved me some heart ache! I am missing quite a few books, movies, and shoes and can’t for the life of me remember who I lent them too! I’ve used # 4 a lot too. (Losing your car sucks! Especially when there isn’t an alarm beeper to see if you’re even close.) Is there anything else you have used your phone for that needs to be added to the list? Dear smart phone, I’m starting to forget what life was like without you…

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13 Absolutely Brilliant Ways To Use Your Phone’s Camera

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14 Genius Ways To Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

Hummm. This roundup from Natural Living Ideas has some crazy ways to repurpose those ol’ coffee grounds. I’d heard about the garden uses but the around the house and beauty regime ones are new and pretty cool. Caffeinated soap? Yes please! I may as well try the grounds in my hair while I am at it.

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Natural Living Ideas – 14 Genius Ways To Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

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Hair Dryer Hacks: 11 New Ways To Use Hair Dryers

My hair is a scary mess if I don’t use my blow dryer every morning. I can honestly say that I only use if for drying my hair. Well that’s a lie, once I used it to make some shoes fit (which was awesome and totally worked). I’ve never thought about using it in the kitchen but I’d like to (probably a new one). Making s’mores sounds fun and I’d like to try the whole cake thing.

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Hair Dryer Hacks – 11 New Ways To Use Hair Dryers

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