peanut butter wine bottle

Wine bottles are the new thing. They are the perfect craft supply; wonderful for repurposing and DIYs. An added bonus is that you get to drink the wine first! The only downside is those pesky labels. Sometimes they just won’t come off. This tip from the Little Things should help with that.

The next time you have a bottle to clean try using peanut butter. Interesting. This isn’t a magic trick; It will still take some work. You can’t just drink the wine, dab with Jiff, and then miraculously your bottle is all clean. Scrape and peel as much as you can, soak in warm soapy water for 40 minutes, scrape some more, and then comes the peanut butter.

I don’t’ know if I could do this. I like eating peanut butter too much. I’m not sure I could waste even a tablespoon! Lol. I might have to try some. WD40, Goo Gone, or Windex. I’ve heard that hand sanitizer works well too.

I’m feeling educational today. Everyday you are supposed to learn something new so today let’s learn about peanut butter and it’s history. It all starts back in 1890. Peanut Butter Lovers will walk you through the timeline.

See the full tutorial here…

LittleThings: Peanut Butter On Wine Bottle Tutorial (photos)

spring cleaning tips

With spring on it’s way many of us are getting ready to start some serious cleaning around the home. You’ll be putting away your winter gear soon and donning lighter gear and sneakers. Soon it will be time to wash the walls and clean all the crevices, and we’ve found some awesome spring cleaning tips to help you get started. You will welcome spring’s fresh scent as you embark on your cleaning mission!

During our normal day to day lives we tend to stick to our routines and don’t always think about the things that need cleaning or maintaining just once or twice a year. Things such as deep cleaning your washing machine or vacuuming your mattresses. Other things to consider are washing your pillows, cleaning vents and changing batteries in smoke detectors just to name a few.

Here’s the link to all 16 tricks…


Using tin foil and a flat iron to curl your hair is a fun new way to get bouncy springy ringlets that will last all the day long and it beats sleeping in stiff curlers too! I use a straightener or curling iron to curl my hair now but I could branch out. I’ve never tried this method but I’d like too.

I love the results! I can see the foil protecting your hair from heat too. I don’t know if I could do the back very well. Those curls might be a little lopsided, lol. I read on a ‘fail blog’ that cooking foil works best. Foil used for highlights doesn’t conduct heat well when scrunched together. Also, be sure and not use too much foil or your curls get all mashed.

Do you remember rag curls? That was the most fun thing to do at sleepovers! I don’t think I’ve done them since I was eight but I think it would be fun to try them again. Ringlets rag vs. regular rag. How could I possibly choose between them? Check them both out. They aren’t just for the kiddos!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


I make fresh popcorn on the stove all the time but it’s nice to have an instant microwaveable option. Doesn’t this look yummy? I’ll have to try this for our next family movie night!

This is fast and simple; my favorite. I love that you can add sugar to make it kettle corn; another favorite. Don’t forget to check out the “show more” tab. It has all the deets and step by step instructions. Plus a few more secret tips. Wunderbar! Fyi, don’t forget to put the paper towel in the microwave. Or you will have a gross sticky oily mess to clean up later. I’m really excited to try this sometime and with coconut oil. Coconut oil + popcorn = a delicious slightly flavored treat.

I’m A Lazy Mom has a terrific no-bake caramel corn recipe. Yum! It will go perfect with our hot and fresh popcorn. It’s only ingredients, a few minutes in a stock pot, and a few minutes cooling. Awesome! Check it out here.

Here’s the Video… Enjoy!


If you’re like me then I’m sure you don’t make messes. Haha. Well, I clean then as I go and I bet you do too. After dinner I do the dishes, wipe down the counters and table, and clean up the stove. You don’t have to be an ambitions cleaner to fit that much into your routine. Neat freak or lazy cleaner, dirt and grime build up. Especially on the stove! This trick from DIY Super Mom will help you clean your stove burners in no time at all! I’m really excited to feature it and even more excited to try it.

Who has time to scrub each individual burner until they sparkle? ‘Not I,’ said the already insanely busy wife and mother. This method using ammonia and plastic bags takes care of it. This trick will be really good to hang onto for spring cleaning! I think spraying the ammonia should be done outside. Probably opening the bag too. No house should smell like that nasty stuff. Phewee.

Common Sense Homesteading has an alternative to the above method. It is all natural and uses no harsh chemicals. Everyone has different preferences so be sure and check it out here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

parenting tips and hacks

Parenting is a full time job no matter what anybody tells you. Life can get really hectic when you have to work outside of the home, plus be a parent and a spouse. There is just never enough time (so it seems) to get things done. This is why most parents will jump at the opportunity to learn any tips and tricks to help them throughout the day.

We’ve found a great collection of parenting hacks that we think will be super helpful to all parents out there. Sometimes it’s just the small details that can make a huge difference in our day. If you find yourself running around in a chaotic environment, stop and take a breather. There is help on the way! Some ideas you’ll read about here will help you with your babies or toddlers while others are geared towards older children.

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I’m not lazy, I’m just highly motivated in doing nothing. Nowhere am I more motivated in doing nothing than when it comes to cleaning. Cleaning. What a horrible word! It takes time and energy and it is a never-ending thankless job. If you are one of the few that love cleaning, I envy you! How do you do it? Any tips for me and for the rest of the word that doesn’t get excited about a mop and bucket? For all of my lazy friends out there, this roundup is for you. I know that I’m excited about it!

What fun hacks! Have you tried any of these? I use #2 all the time and I highly recommend using a mildew/scum-be-gone shower spray. It makes cleaning the shower so much easier when the time comes. I need to start using liquid soap too! I had no idea that bar soap left scum (#7). I really like the colorful plastic mats in the fridge and I’m going to try cleaning my blender, lamp shades, and keyboard with these hacks.

A lot of these are quick fixes and you will have to eventually do the work but I’m ok with putting it off till tomorrow and binge watching on Netflix today. When it is time for a deep clean, I’ve found it’s best to do it in small chunks so as not to get burned out. There is a lot to do! I Dream Of Clean Organized Simple Productive has a comprehensive list of what has to get cleaned this year. Trust me…don’t do it all at once! Ug. Spring Cleaning.

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Diply: 19 Lazy-Girl Cleaning Hacks That’ll Change Your Life


Here’s all the help you will need to improve your manners! No one wants to look like a dunce when out for a fancy dinner or entertaining and these guides, featured at Diply, will help make your Miss/Mr Etiquette. Ready to manner up? Grab your knife and fork, dress to impress, and lets get going…

I needed the table setting refresher! Oh boy did I. We are super casual at our house. One of everything. It was great info and I’m going to store it away and look for an excuse to have a fancy dinner party. #10 is going to come in super handy when I start to travel the world. (Someday. It will happen!) I don’t want to insult anyone of another culture.

One tip that I didn’t see was how to eat soup. Soup and fancy dinners go hand in hand so this is good to know. This video from YouTube video from geobeats was very helpful.

Go here to see all 10 guides…

Diply: 10 Guides For Proper Dining Etiquette


Twofur. What, my good miss, is a twofur? Two for one. Two for one deal. Two for the price of one. Killing two birds with one stone. Used in a sentence, ‘These chips are two bags for the price of one.’ Who knew that a simple six letter word could bring so much happiness to so many people?!

I’m really excited to feature this roundup from Diply that has 22 fabulous twofurs in it. This collection of ordinary things from around the house that can be used for more than one purpose has made my heart very happy. Swoon.

Some are just silly (but still great) and others are super practical. I love the compliment doormat. Haha. I might use numer 6 next time my mixer is on the fritz and number 9 is for sure happening. I’m skeptical about the book in the bath but I might give it a go.

Real Simple can really drive home how great this concept is with 101 new uses for everyday things. This roundup is a real winner! Check it out here.

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Diply: 22 Household Items That Do Double-Duty

gardening tricks

Perhaps you are an avid gardener or just don’t have the natural talent to keep a flourishing garden going. Regardless, we have found some great gardening hacks that will help both the seasoned gardener and those new to the field.

Did you know gardens can be a superb investment of time and money? You definitely reap what you sow – and it is so rewarding to watch all of your hard work get transformed into tangible results! If you love gardening and want to know some ways to improve your skills, then these tips and tricks are just the thing you’ll want to review.

You can learn how to start seedlings from indoors, learn what indoor products you can recycle to help your garden stay healthy, learn all about indoor and outdoor gardening and more! Did you know you can use diapers in your planting pots to retain moisture? Or that you can use alum to help revive your wilting hydrangeas?

Here’s the link to all 16 gardening tricks…