13+ Amazing Uses For WD-40

I know a lot of people who think that the ‘40’ in WD-40 stands for the number of things it can be used for. That is crazy! There are over 2,000 recorded uses for this water displacement (WD) lubricant. Cool! There is no way something this great could only be used on squeaking doors and car engines. Here are just a few more ways it can be used to make your life better!

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Reader’s Digest: 13+ Amazing Uses For WD-40

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Irish Spring Soap Garden Pest Control

There are store bought pest ‘deterrents’ for Thumper and Bambi but they can add up to mucho dinero ($$$). With rain and dew they wash off and don’t last that long. Many use a smell that our furry friends find unappealing. It doesn’t smell that great to us humans either. But Irish Spring Soap smells refreshing, is affordable, and lasts about a month in rainy conditions.

Here’s all the details on how to use it properly…

Curbly – Use Irish Spring To Keep Out Garden Pests

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boost wifi signal

I’m far from a computer genius (far, far, far, far from it). I love being able to turn my computer on and have it work. Sadly, sometimes my internet doesn’t work that well. The wi-fi is a little weak on the porch because our router is on the exact opposite end of the house. Booo! PC World has a lot of helpful tips and tricks on how to boost your signal. I think even I can figure them out!

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PC World – How To Extend Your Wi-Fi Network

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52 Meticulous Organizing Tips For The OCD Person In You

Your inner organizer will rejoice after seeing this fabulous roundup from Buzzfeed. If you fall in love with more than 25 (I did). You have a true passion for being neat and organized. Kudos! I love number 4! Who knew my shelves had built in cubbies? And I don’t know anyone whose purse can’t use some extra help. These and so many others will be so useful in my life!

You’d have to ask my husband if I’m OCD, but all I know is that I love all these ideas!

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52 Meticulous Organizing Tips For The OCD Person In You

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22 Magnificent Life Hacks

People are so clever. I wish I thought of things like this on my own! I love roundups up like this one from Viral Nova. I am so excited to feature it here today. It has so many fun things! #17 made me laugh out loud but I can’t wait to try it at my next bbq. I don’t want to just talk about these terrific hacks. I want to try them! I’ll let you know how they turn out.

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ViralNova – 22 Brilliant Life changing Hacks

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 DIY Pickling Tutorial (No Canning Needed)

Eating Well has a great tutorial on pickling and I am happy to feature it here today. Now we have the ‘know-how’ to pickle anything without the canning process. I am not always the biggest fan of eating my veggies but I do like pickles. I am thinking that I might like pickled veggies better. Anything is worth a try!

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EatingWell – How To Pickle Anything (No Canning Necessary)

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The A-Z Guide On Cleaning

In need of some helpful cleaning tips? Well, here they are. I found this wonderful roundup from Buzzfeed and I am excited to share it here today. I have tried a bunch of these and they are real gems. Number 3 is terrific (armpit stains-ewwww)! I just used number 10 this morning to get pet hair off the carpet. You need to store #86 away for cleaning the pillows. There are so many! I really need to use all the ones for the laundry room ASAP. That is probably the biggest disgrace in my house right now. Which have you tried?

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Buzzfeed – How To Clean Absolutely Anything And Everything

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