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This roundup of diagrams is a great guide if you are looking for some interior decorating help. Not all of us can hire a professional when it comes to decorating our houses and I bet not many of us actually are professional decorators/designers. Anyone? Stop by my house please if you are!

I found this very helpful because it’s hard for me to picture the finished project. These diagrams help give a nice idea of what the end result will look like without going through all the work. Perfect! That way I don’t have to do the project and then decide at the end that I don’t like it after all.

I like having all the info in one place too. If I were to search ‘tile designs’ a bunch of different sites would pop up and I would have to go to all of them before I found the right one. If I went to a home improvement store my tile selections wouldn’t be lined up this closely for me to compare. I like this much better.

The standard furniture dimensions and the dimensions for space planning would be super helpful when shopping if I forgot to measure. For pillow style, I’m rockin’ #8. My headboard is a cross between York and Hanover. I have the empire shades. That’s just cool info to know.

If this all is a little much for you I understand. It is a lot! But #23 and #24 are for everyone. Wall art and picture hanging is always helpful info to have. And HGTV has 25 other ways to dress up your blank walls if hanging pictures and wall art just isn’t for you. Super cute! Check them out here.

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beauty hacks

All women want to look beautiful! This collection of beauty tips are meant for all women. With the help of these beauty tips anybody can look and feel beautiful. It can be exciting keeping up with the latest tips and trends in the beauty industry but it can also be really time consuming.

There’s a lot to stay up to date with. In today’s society women do not have a lot of time to devote to beauty and skin care, so we need quick tips that are efficient and work well. Do you wonder what some of the most useful and easiest beauty hacks are? Look no further because we’ve found a superb article that lists several hacks we are sure every girl will love. Take a look at the link below… we are sure you’ll find some beauty hacks that will resonate with you and work with your routine.

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Wrinkles Be Gone

Thanks to Everyday Genius, we now have a new and useful tip that will save so much time when getting ready! Wrinkles are the worst. On your face, yes. But on your clothes too!

I never iron! Ever. We dry clean the expensive stuff and use dryer tricks on everything else. I normally get a wet towel and throw that it the dryer with my rumpled outfit. Sometimes I just get the shirt or whatever I need de-wrinkled a little damp but I want to try this ice cube method. No putting an extra towel away and no risking that my clothes might still be a little damp. Quick and easy. My Favorite.

Another way to get out wrinkles on the go? Just a simple spray bottle and some water. I use this method when I travel and need to freshed after a long leg of the journey. Works like a charm! Check it out at Lifehacker.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Girl Hacks

Being a girl is hard! Nails break, bra straps show, and shoes try to murder us. This roundup from Diply is going to lighten the female load a little and I’m so excited to feature it here today! Hooray!

I love all 21 and am using quite a few already; that’s how great they are. There are a bunch of new ones I can’t wait to try too. Alot of these tips are about storage and organization and if you can get that down, every other part of life will be easier. Including rocking that perfect pony (#8). I really need to tuck away #7! I have been missing out and not using my belts to their full potential.

Stretching out tight shoes (#18) is my fav. I have done this and can swear by it! I bought the most lovely pair of Steve Madden heels because it would have been a crime not to at their sale price. Know what else was a crime?! Trying to fit my feet in shoes that were too small. It took much much much longer than five minutes but the end result is new heels that fit. Win.

Remember how I mentioned that perfect pony? Buzzfeed has a roundup on how to get the perfect hair and since everything is easier once your hair looks great.

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Log Candle

Wow! This is pretty great. I’m so doing this someday! This is the best campfire/camp stove/fire pit that I’ve ever seen. Ever! A Swedish log candle is a log that has had an eight pointed star cut down into it. When an acceleract is poured into the crevasses and lit, it becomes the most perfect outdoor heat source.

To make one you will need a chainsaw and a log. It’s like cutting a cake and we ALL know how to do that! (Yum. Cake.) Be sure that your log has a flat bottom or good luck with getting straight cuts and your chainsaw staying in one place. Getting the star cuts just right might take a little practice but I think it would be worth it. Can you imagine the stable cooking surface? My dutch oven can! It’s already dreaming of delicious camping recipes. And never has there been a more perfect s’more stump (once it dies down a bit.) One log can burn for 45-60 minutes and is more controlled than a traditional campfire. I suggest making some in advance before heading to the great outdoors. It’s so cool. I’d never give up campfires but this would be fun to have in addition.

Because it’s important to know…Men’s Health has broken down how to build the perfect campfire. I’ve checked it out and it looks pretty legit. Lol. Get the full tutorial here.

Find the log candle article from Survival Tek here… Survival Tek: The Swedish Log Candle

hide eyesores at home

There are a lot of ways to make our homes more visually appealing. Sometimes we take on interior decorating and renovate a room or two. But there are other smaller tasks you can do to improve your living space and decor. We all have some pesky things around the home that would look a lot better if they were hidden, such as the router or thermostat.

We’ve found a great list of ways to hide those unsightly eyesores at home. Those are things we can’t really get rid of but they do not exactly fit in with our current decorating scheme either. So why not hide them? If you get creative you can learn a lot of neat ways to hide things!

Simple solutions such as hanging a painting over a thermostat or storing your router in a pretty box can make a huge difference in the overall design of your space. Take a few minutes to review these innovative ideas and see how you can utilize them at home!

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diy storage hacks

For many of us, space at home is often at a premium. You might live in a smaller home or apartment and really be affected by this problem. You can only have so many cabinets and storage units before they start causing space issues as well. There are a lot of ways to be creative about storage and reclaiming your space. We’ve found a great article with several storage tips that we know you are going to love.

When you are limited with space you have to start thinking creatively. Look at your space and identify what type of storage can happen in existing places or on the walls. Think about storage in a vertical sense, such as unique ways to store things on the walls, cupboards, doors, etc. Enjoy this the article below as you read through the several amazing storage hacks that we are sure you will be pleased with. There are several ideas here that you probably have never even heard of!

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Mug Quiche

As much as I adore them, a poptart is not an appropriate breakfast by itself. They are lacking just about everything nutritious. (Ohh but they are sooo good!) Since the first meal of the day is the most important, we should start it off with something a little more wholesome. Something like this! This mug quiche looks amazing. Snack on this and a mug coffee cake and your day couldn’t have a better start!

What a delicious breakfast treat! One problem…I’m not wanting it for breaky. I’m wanting it now! No worries! Quiches aren’t only for breakfasts. Eat one any time you want! This microwavable version takes only three minutes to cook. Yum!

Quiches are great because you will never end up with the same results twice. Throw in a bit of this, a handful of that, last night’s leftovers, and whatever else sounds good. They taste delicious no matter what. I’m a huge fan! I might whip up some ingredients the night before and store them in the fridge. Then come morning I can toss them in my mug and presto! Can’t wait to give it a go.

Taste Of Home has 10 other quiche recipes that you will love! Once you master this one, check them out here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

foil hacks

Did you realize that aluminum foil had so many uses? Well it’s true, it can do a lot more than just wrap up food! This wondrous material can do so many things such as eliminating static in the dryer, removing rust and even polishing silver. It is extremely versatile and we’ve found a great list of aluminum foil hacks that we are sure will make your life a whole lot easier.

Not only is aluminum foil so versatile, it is extremely affordable too. And usually most families have it on hand all of the time. Whether you scrunch it up or lay it flat, foil has many uses. For example you can scrunch it into a ball and use it as a dryer sheet, or even scrub pots and pans with it. If you lay it out flat you can use foil to help you iron clothing as well.

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organization tips

Organization. Blech. I hate messes. I love being organized but I hate the process. Things are easier to find, everything is right where you left it, and you’re not embarrassed to have company come over. We can all use more help with organization! These tips are a great place to get started if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. I’m sooo glad I found them!

It’s funny how some of the best ways to organize is by repurposing. A tupperware rack works wonderfully as a clutch/purse rack and mesh bags work great in the kitchen. Number 10 is a fantastic idea! Shower caddies are amazing in the shower, so why wouldn’t they be great to hang things on? No reason! I’m gonna run out and get some. Martha Stewart will set you straight if you need more help organizing your life. She is amazing! Get all the info here.

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