Do you know what the world’s most valuable toy brand is? I’ll give you a few clues. Their product was in one of the most popular movies of the summer of 2014. They have a theme park, and a huge video game franchise including Star Wars and Indiana Jones. They have pirates, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Simpsons, police, firefighters, space themes, you name it they probably have it. The most expensive set, the Millennium Falcon, comes in at whopping $499.99. If you don’t know by now, ask your kids if “Everything is Awesome”. They know Lego’s. You probably do too. But did you know the educational benefits of Legos? These folks sure do.

Lego’s can be used for a huge number of educational purposes. With them you can explore the obvious spatial reasoning and engineering. You can also use them for math. Multiplication, division, fractions…all of it can be explored with Legos. You can even work on basic statistics (my least favorite math subject), mean, median, mode and range. OK, you can stop with the Lego Movie theme song now. No seriously, stop before it drives you to madness.

Here’s the full tutorial and learning guide…

Scholastic: Using LEGO To Build Math Concepts

shoe free home

What is your shoe rule? Off at the door always? Only when it’s muddy? Off before hitting carpet? That’s ours. They are always off by the time we make it to carpet. Wood and tile are just easier to clean up so we’ve gotten lax in those areas. This video from The Alternative Daily has four reasons why your shoes should stay by the door no matter what.

There are so many germs and bacteria! One way to reduce bringing them into our homes, simple as it sounds, is just by taking shoes off. Our shoes can track in pesticides which can hurt pets and small children. We can also pick up feces (eewwww) on the bottom of our shoes. Another very practical reason, is dirt. We all know that one. Less dirt equals less cleaning. I’m on board with that!

Now that your shoes will be off, you need some cute slippers. Check out these warm and fuzzy DIY ones.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


There are lots of ways to to curl your hair. I give my straighter than straight hair some ‘oomph’ by using a curling iron. There are a lot of no heat options out there too but they don’t tend to work for me. My mom used rag curls when I was little and my hair looked amazing. I’ve never quite been able to pull it off my own. I am willing to give this method a go though. Don’t you think it looks amazing?! Not to mention easy.

What do you need to get these delightful and sensious curves? Not much. Gather up a texturizer, a comb, and some bobby pins. I have all of those things already! Be careful the first time to try this. Lol. You don’t want to have a massive fail on your hands. These people know what I’m talking about. Sooo funny!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Sayonara winter. Auf Wiedersehen. Arrivederci. Hasta luego! That’s right, winter is almost over. Not quite but almost. I’m sad I didn’t find this video from Millennial Moms earlier in the season. But I’m going to hang onto these useful hacks for next year’s cold and snowy season. I am loving these hacks and you will too. Let me know if you have tried any of these and if they have worked or not.

Mindy has hacks here for your car, house, beauty routine, and everything in between. #3 is good advice for all seasons. I want soft lips! I think that #10 is my fav. I wonder if hack #6 works. I have dryer sheets! Thoughts? I am not a fan of how to waterproof non-waterproof boots/shoes.

Yes, your feet will stay warm but your beautiful footwear will get ruined! Lol. Want some more life hacks for winter? Here are some fun and quirky ones.

View all 15 hacks right here… Enjoy!

Pony Tail

What is your go-to hairstyle? The fabulous waterfall braid? The fancy french twist? Or maybe the classy chignon? More power to you if you rock one of those ‘do’s’ to work and around the house Monday-Friday. Not me. I am pretty fond on the messy bun. Another tried and true style that I rock quite often is the cheerleader ponytail. In my opinion, that is by far the best!

What? The boring ponytail? Nope! The absolutely awesome and perfect ponytail! pay attention to this video from Kayley Melissa ladies! It shows how, in just five minutes, you can have one of the greatest and easiest hairstyles out there. Perfect for every lazy girl. What do you need? A brush, tiny claw clips, hair ties, and bobby pins. Easy peasy! My hair is straight as a board and super thin but I think this method would still work for me. It probably would take more than five minutes though. I would also need to use lots of product and do some serious teasing.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

increase home humidity

Do you ever find the air in your home is too dry? Humidity is very important for your health especially if you have respiratory problems. It’s even been noted that dry air in the home can make you more susceptible to catching the flu or a bad cold. So it’s important to know what humidity level is helpful in your home.

Humidity levels should be around 30 or 40% in your home during the winter season, and upwards of 50% during the summer time. If you have hardwood floors they will also benefit from having a consistent humidity level throughout the year, since boards can swell and constrict as the humidity changes.

But you aren’t stuck with having to purchase a humidifier because we’ve collected some great alternative methods to increase the humidity in your home without one. Check out these tips on how to increase the humidity in your home – they are easy and anyone can do them.

1. Open the dishwasher after last rinse and allow dishes to air dry:


2. Dry your clothes inside on a drying rack:

Housework concept. Closeup clothes hanging to dry on a laundry line with colorful pegs clips indoor

3. Houseplants bring humidity to the air:


4. Allow water to cool from bath or sink to release humidity into the air:


5. Keep the door open while you shower:


6. Do more cooking on top of the stove:


7. Heat hot water in a teapot to release humidity:

Tea kettle with boiling water; steam against a black background.

8. Vent your dryer inside the home:


9. Place a bowl of water on your heat registers:


10. You can also place a glass of water at your windowsill:



If you love painting your nails, you are going to love this video by Janelle Estep. Janelle has compiled the best nail hacks you’ll find anywhere and put them all together for us in this five minute video.

She covers several tips ranging from homemade nail polish remover, glitter, cleaning your nails, creating fancy designs and more. It’s really convenient to watch the tips in this video rather than having to read through several sites to find some great tips on your own.

Here’s the video with all 20 hacks…


Ready or not, here comes Christmas. Are you truly ready? There is so much to do in preparation for the upcoming holiday. Even if you think you are prepared there may be a thing or two you haven’t thought of. I bet you didn’t think about the hard work of opening presents. Yup. It can be tough! This video from Buzzfeed has some tips on how to open hard-to open things. Not all of them pertain to gifts (pistachios aren’t gifts!) but all of them are helpful.

Opening clamshell packaging is the worst! I think that when they say, “It is better to give than receive,” they are talking about clam shell packaging. Everything seems to be packaged in that stuff these days. I have cut myself with the knife used to open them and on the sharp plastic once open, my husband has broken scissors, and the kids are told to steer clear!

Christmas morning will be saved thanks to this hack! (You will also save yourself time and heartache opening nail polish, difficult jars, and snacks with the other hacks in this roundup!) Speaking of hard to open things…here are some other tips on how to open those difficult jars. You are welcome.

Here’s the video with all 6 hacks… Enjoy!


Ahhh! I could have used this hack a few weeks ago. I just gave away the cutest pair of pumps. So adorable. Thanks Steve Madden for being a brilliant designer and thanks Ross for having a wonderful sale. However, you are horrible for not having them in my size. I bought the the shoes even though they were a size too small. I wish I’d known about this hack and tried to stretch them with ice before I passed on my find to my sister!

For this DIY you will need two plastic sandwich bags, water, a freezer (that has some room for shoes; not next to the ice cream!), some time, and of course some shoes that are too snug. This method should stretch your shoes anywhere from half to a full size. Hooray! As a girl, it’s important to have an arsenal of clothing hacks. Listotic has a bunch to get you started.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Have you ever wondered what those little white packets that come in your shoe boxes are? They are packets of silica. Silica is extremely absorbent. So absorbent it attracts all the moisture in the air and traps it inside the beads of the packet. Why is it useful to you? Yes, those little packs keep your shoes and other items from getting musty or moldy but it also has a myriad of uses around the house. Anywhere managing moisture can be helpful, these packets can be put to good use. Check out the video for some inventive uses for these seemingly useless little pouches. Who knew?!

So next time you find a silica pouch in a package you open, hang on to it. You may find it useful at a later date. I am going to start collecting and using them around my house. Ack! I am becoming a packrat!

Don’t feel like collecting? That’s ok. You can buy the packets for super cheap on Amazon. You can find anything for sale on there!