$50 bucks! That’s how much I just spend restocking my makeup bag! And I didn’t even get all that much. Just four or five things that I’d run out of. Yikes! We may rant and rave about it but makeup is something we all use to varying degrees. My sister only wears bronzer and mascara, I wear a little bit of everything, and one of my best friends is a makeup artist and her face is a lovely painted canvas. Whether you like makeup, tolerate it, or can’t bare to be in the same room as a vial of rouge, you have to agree that it has transformative powers. Diply has the pictures to prove it! The before and after pic features here show you what makeup really can do!

You don’t need makeup to look beautiful, you are already beautiful! But makeup helps accent features, hide flaws that you find annoying, and can give you a ‘different’ look. If a picture is worth a thousand words – then this is one wordy roundup on beauty. 51 pictures would be 51,000 words! Love all these looks but not sure which one/ones are right for you? Here’s some help.

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Diply: 51 Photos That Prove How Much Makeup Can Completely Transform People


Keeping up with the latest beauty trends is fun but can also be a lot of hard work (and time consuming)! This collection of beauty tips from Diply is just the opposite of that, it’s quick and simple. I’m excited to feature them here today but I’m even more excited to try them!

I love these hacks with my whole heart! I am going to save them to my beauty arsenal and I know that they are going to come in handy someday. I like the tip on how to thicken lashes. Numbers 12 and 13 will come in handy for my next night out. Win!

These hacks are wonderful to have on hand in a pinch. Another thing that’s good to know is how to make your own beauty products (perfect for when you run out of it you are just looking to go all natural). Wellness Mama can help with that. There is everything from sunscreen to mascara. Check it out here.

Here’s the link to all 20 hacks…

Diply: 20 Beauty Hacks You Wish You knew This Morning


There are so many professions out there who have their own versions of a life hack. One profession often overlooked when looking for those little tricks of the trade are in medicine, nurses, certified nursing assistants, and emergency medical technicians. These are the guys you call upon when a Band Aid won’t fix the problem. I think, they may be good people to take advice from. That’s why this roundup from Little Things is worth paying attention to!

These are some great tips! Just take a look at them. In your purse you have the best means to stop a nosebleed, tampons, or stop the bleeding on a bad cut, pads. Vaseline or shaving cream will take up a dried blood stain or a sticky mess. Coffee grounds will take the odor out of any room. Menthol or a minty toothpaste will help mask smells while you clean up a nasty stinky mess. Who knew? I love hacks from people who have experience. Like the ones from Grandma. Age and experience.

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LittleThings: Amazing Life Hacks We Learned From Nurses!


Oh, how badly I have been waiting for this info! Oil stains are my enemy. Set in stains are my absolute laundry nemesis! How is it that people (my husband) don’t think about pre-treating stains? Don’t they know how impossible it is to get them out after they have been washed? Needless to say, people in my family wear clothing that have tiny stains. Until now that is!

What do you need? Liquid dish soap, WD-40, Baking Soda, a toothbrush (one you won’t be using anymore), Q-tips, and a piece of cardboard. Guess what? I have all of those things! I also have my favorite blue sweatshirt that has a butter stain on it. Perfect! I can try this out first hand and let you know how it works.

The Cleaning Institute has some other tips on stain removal that you need to bookmark for the next laundry day. Their stain removal chart has info for removing everything from grass to gravy stains. Lol. There is even some information on how to get typewriter correction fluid out of clothes. I’m thinking that one might not be needed that much anymore. Haha!

Here’s the link to the full tutorial…

TipHero: How To Remove Set In Oil Stains (photo tutorial)


Need to freshen up your beauty routine? Or maybe you just not very good at the whole beauty thing and need help in general? Then this roundup from Diply is for you. It’s for me too. I’m going to use some of these for sure!!!!

These are fabulous tips! And a lot of them are new to me. I had no idea that a spoon could be so useful in your beauty routine (numbers 13 and 1). I need all the the bronzer and blush tips! I want to try number 6. I love that glowing skin look. Which is your favorite? Do you use any of these already? Any keepers?

I really like the marble nails (number 17). Have you ever tried to paint your nails like this? It’s a little messy if you don’t know what you’re doing, which I didn’t when I tried it. Snapguide has some tips on how you can pull it off flawlessly.

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Diply: 17 Beauty Tricks You Need In Your Routine


There are so many things about clothing that must be just so in order to look as I want them to. I am pretty fussy about how I look. Whether I need to look professional or casual, lazy day at home or a night out on a date with my husband or a friend, I want to look my best. It is the little things that matter. That’s why fashion hacks are the best! Maybe you aren’t as fussy about your clothing as I am. Wrinkles drive me crazy. The weird fold in the collar of my shirt that flips it up like a flag.

The string on my favorite hoody must stay in place, otherwise it just looks weird or off balance. Some necklaces just look weird with particular necklines. My hem line needs to be the right length, so I don’t trip over it or show too much ankle (high-waters). Speaking of ankles, please, everyone wear matching socks! If you are anywhere near as particular as I am, these 16 very useful little life hacks will help you keep looking your best. Here are 24 other fashion hacks that every woman needs to know.

Here’s the link to all 16 hacks…

Diply: Hack Your Outfit With These 16 DIY Ideas


Salt can be used for so much more than seasoning food. Salt is delicious but it is also practical. Household Hacker has 7 brilliant uses for table salt that I’m guessing you didn’t know about. Check out this video and be amazed. Prepare to run to your cabinet and grab the salt!

Which of these will you try first? Any? All? I’m so excited to clean my iron this way (number 1). I hardly use it but it would be nice to have it clean, just in case. I’ve never thought about using it to unclog the shower drain (number 7).

These hacks are going to take some spilling of salt. Are you superstitious? Hope not! Lol. Check out Timeless Myths to get the 411 on the origins of the spilling salt urban myth. It’s really interesting. Just in case you were wondering. I love finding the origins of thing.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


This roundup isn’t for me. It’s all about hacks for the curly haired girl and mine in straight as a pole. Well, it’s mess when I wake up and if I don’t blow dry it, but overall there is no curl (maybe just a kink or two.) If you are one of those girls with crazy curly hair…pay attention. These 11 hacks are going to becoming your saving grace.

These are pretty great! I hope you like them. Do you think that the curly hair mask works? I think I’ll have to invest in number 7, the special shower head. That seems like that would be good for all hair types not just curly. I did some Googling and these are 12 of the best beauty products out there for curly hair. I can’t speak from experience but they look nice. Check out what has to say all about it.

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Diply: 11 Hair Hacks All-Curly Haired Girls Should Know

makeup tutorails

How’s your makeup game? Beginner, intermediate, or pro? I’m stuck in the middle all the way. I have my go-to daytime makeup and my go-to night time makeup. It would be nice to branch out but things can just be so complicated! These 17 diagrams, featured at Diply, will help simplify things and hopefully make it easier for you to understand makeup overall.

There is so much information here! How to find the undertone of your skin, what all the different makeup brushes are for, the do’s and don’ts of foundation, and so much more. Be sure to bookmark these diagrams. You will want them all!

WikiHow has some helpful information for those just beginning to wear makeup or those who are stuck in beginner stage and want to advance out. It’s not an in-all-end-all, but it’s worth checking out. All Womens Talk also has a lot of great pointers. Find them all here and have fun!

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Diply: 17 Diagrams To Help You understand Makeup


What describes your morning routine? Up with the crack of dawn and perfect to a fault or snooze, snooze, snooze and thrown together in 5? I’m somewhere in the middle. A couple hits of the snooze, a 10 minute shower, and a pony tail. This roundup from Diply has 16 hairstyles that are perfect for the lazy girl in all of us.

I’m eager to try the the easy chignon. Lovely. I’m already a big fan of number 5. I work it into my routine pretty regularly. I’m not a big fan of the ‘knotted’ styles. I think they would destroy my hair. I love that these styles all have picture tutorials!

This article from Cosmopolitan has 20 ways that will help you get ready more quickly in the morning. Yes please! I need this. I bet you do to. Number 6 is a true lifesaver. I recommend this one.

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Diply: 16 Super Simple Hairstyles For The Lazy Girl In All Of Us