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I love retro. One of my favorites is the style of the early 1940’s. It was when the United States was dominating the world economically as we came out of the Great Depression and we were in between World Wars and trying to avoid the second one. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” was showing to be working and everything seemed to be going great for America and it’s citizens. Optimism abounded. Some treasures from the 40’s, like this house, are still around for us to enjoy today and I’m so glad!

This old house, featured at Little Things, has stood the test of time. Built in the 1940’s it was structurally sound but the inside was in a state of disrepair. That was until designer Sarah Phipps got her hands on it. She saw the potential in the pitfall. Lol. I have to much trouble with that. She took out the nasty carpet and paperboard walls and turned it into the cutest little holiday home. Next time you’re in Oregon, check it out! The whole thing reminds me of Flip or Flop, that awesome show on HGTV with Tarek and Christina. Haven’t seen it? Check it out here. I think it’s on on Thursday nights.

Take a tour of this adorable house here…

Little Things: She Flipped A 1940s Shack Into This Cute Tiny House (photos)

San Juan Home

I am in love with Jessica and Carson Lynch’s tiny home. It is definitely one of a kind. I know that every tiny home is unique but this one is more so. What makes it so special? It has room for you and a guest. This home is so spacious when it comes to sleeping that you will need to see it to believe it.

Located on Guemes Island, part of the San Juan island chain in Washington, this home is for rent for just $699 a week. That seems like a steal to me! Considering it is the perfect place to hide from the world and rejuvenate for a while. I love the white paint and exposed pine. It make it feel so open and bright! I wish my home was painted like that. Thinking about visiting Guemes Island? Or the San Juans in general? Here’s some more info.

Here’s the link to take the tour inside…

HouseBeautiful: This Amazing Tiny Home Has Room For You AND A Guest (photos)

luxury tiny home

Are you looking to plan your next vacation? What about Sedro-Woolley, WA? It is the loveliest of locations. I mean it’s not right for you if you don’t like clean air, fresh water, mountain views, privacy, and wonderful little homes. These houses are the perfect blend of beauty and function.

The homes at this resort are pricey but you are paying for so much more that the square footage. They are so fancy compared to most tiny homes (although I don’t know if this qualifies as tiny because it’s pretty spacious). I love the terrace. I’d be shoveling a lot in the winter months if it were in my backyard but it would be perfect come spring and summer. All of the decks and fireplaces (all three of them) are fabulous! All the stone work is gorgeous. Here is the official website of Wildwood Lakefront Cottages. I can’t get over how lovely it is!

Here’s the link to all the interior photos…

TinyHouseTalk: Luxury Park Model Tiny Cottage (interior photos)


Are you a frequent flyer? Sometimes overpacking can’t be helped. Flying out of the country, extended vacations, difficult climates, etc. But there are times when having a carry on is so nice and skipping the hassle that is baggage claim is the best! This video from Travel Noire has a packing method that you should check out. All of your stuff will end up wrinkle free and will fit nice and snug.

I think this would work best if your only have to pack and unpack once. When we went to NOLA (New Orleans) in the spring we had split reservations and had to switch hotels in the middle of our stay. It would be a hassle to do this more than once but I’m definitely trying it if my reservations don’t get screwed up!

Her carry on bag is sure nicer and bigger than mine! Where do I fine one of those! I like that the top half has a zippered compartment.


Do you have a gypsy soul? Born to wonder? Then check out this gypsy caravan! This lovely tiny trailer looks like an antique, stolen from Romania, but it’s practical and modern in every way! It makes me want to pack my bags and hit the open road. Camping in style!

The inside is so detailed. The stained glass windows are hand painted, the drawer handles are made of gemstones, and the wood details are done in copper. All of this and more makes for a magical interior. It even has a mail slot. My favorite thing about this trailer is the roof. It’s a canopy made of stretched sailcloth. It lets so much light in. I also love the dutch doors! (That’s a door that is cut in half horizontally). The coach lights with candles are really cool too.

The designers of this trainer decorated the exterior to mimic the Norwegian folk style of the 1800s. Regardless, I still think it looks like something out of a gypsy camp! I love it!

Take the full interior tour here…

LittleThings: Impressive Tiny Trailer. So Cute And Cozy! (photos)


While not officially tiny, this small vacation home is perfect for a mountain getaway. At 507 square feet this home can sleep 6, seven if you count the couch. That’s really nice! It has all you need, except maybe a little space away from the rest of the family. That is ok, I can go for a walk in the woods for that rejuvenating sense of tranquility when they start to drive me crazy. The vaulted ceilings are beautiful and add a sense of light and space to the living room. The porch, which isn’t added into the total square footage, makes for an airy spacious feel as the living room opens up into it.

The square footage means it is not a true tiny home. A small home is 400-1000 square feet and a true tiny home is anything less than 400. There are also width and height requirements (picky picky.) But who cares? It’s awesome no matter what category it falls in! This isn’t mobile like so many of our other tiny home posts but, it’s in such a great location why would you want to move it anyway? Learn more about tiny houses here, or here, or here.

Here’s the link to all the stunning interior photos…

LittleThings: 507 Sq Ft Chattahoochee Cabin (interior photos)

House On Wheels

Take a look at this rustic tiny home… on wheels! This couple decided to shed the corporate life for a lifestyle of waking up in a new location every day. Think you could do that? What a fun and exciting adventure every day would be! Wanderlust at it’s pinnacle.

I don’t think their lifestyle is feasible for us at the moment (with the kids, dogs, cat and all), but boy does it sound like a great adventure. It amazes me how people can throw all caution to the wind and venture out, like these two and their dog have done. I need to be more like that! I’m a little jealous of the things they get to see and do around our beautiful country. This is one way to see all the states. Well except Hawaii of course. (I don’t think this is what people mean by boat house. Haha.)

If this doesn’t wake a sense of adventure in you, you should check your pulse. Or maybe check this out… Number 10 is to die for! Hopefully not literally, but it would be such a rush! Safety Security Crazy has 10 of the most pulse racing activities out there! Find them here.

Get the full scoop on Jenna and Guillaume’s adventure here…

Little Things: Couple Quits Their Jobs To Move Into This TINY House (photos)

Manta Underwater Resort

The Manta Resort is located in the Zanzibar archipelago. It’s just off the coast of east Africa in the Indian Ocean and is just as unique as it’s location. What makes it so special? It is one of only two completely underground hotel rooms. Other resorts have plans and whispered ideas for rooms like this but this one is a reality. For $1500.00 a night you can have this crazy once-in-a-lifetime experience! Thoughts?

My first thoughts on seeing it were… ‘OMG! Wow! Please can we stay here?’ My second thoughts took a 180 degree turn… ‘Did you SEE Titanic?! Poseidon? Have you experienced claustrophobia?’ I did some research and found out that there aren’t typically any storms in this area so the waters should be calm; sharks mostly leave people alone; underwater glass is strong; and there is an emergency exit. I’m not sure which voice will win out…but either way it is super cool and I’m excited to feature it here today! Here are some of the plans for underwater hotels that might be happening soon. Find them here at Hotelchatter

See it here…Enjoy!


Do you need a vacation? Travel to another country just to get away where no one can bother you, or find you. Utter Inn is located right off the port of Vasteras. Not your typical hotel because it floats on the water! A tiny little bed and breakfast you can rent in Sweden.

I want to go there!

I personally like to have my meals cooked for me when I’m on vacation. Not a problem. Rent the deluxe package and someone will bring meals to you. Sun bathe. Read. Swim. No one will disturb your leave of absence from the real world in this Waterworld retreat.

Enjoy the tour…


Distance between floating hotel and land about 1 kilometer.



Sit or eat outside to enjoy the view.



Or eat indoors if the weather is bad.



Portable potty with a curtain for privacy.



Open the latch and look, a downstairs area surrounded by water.



Down we go! Watch your step.



 Here’s what it looks like from the outside when you’re down below.



Below deck – very comfy.



 Solar panels provide electricity. Inflatable boat to get to land.
Perfect get-a-way!

(Source ViralNova)

28 Houseboats That Will Make You Want To Float Away

Houseboats are one of the most peaceful vacation retreats. You really can “leave all your troubles behind.” (The swim really discourages unwanted visitors.) You really should do this at least once in your life. You won’t regret it! We did it a few years ago and it was the best! Our boat wasn’t like any of these but it did have a waterslide. These boats are awesome! #7 even has a garage for a boat and #8 is 4 stories high! I wonder how many you could sleep comfortably in there?!

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