House On Wheels

Take a look at this rustic tiny home… on wheels! This couple decided to shed the corporate life for a lifestyle of waking up in a new location every day. Think you could do that? What a fun and exciting adventure every day would be! Wanderlust at it’s pinnacle.

I don’t think their lifestyle is feasible for us at the moment (with the kids, dogs, cat and all), but boy does it sound like a great adventure. It amazes me how people can throw all caution to the wind and venture out, like these two and their dog have done. I need to be more like that! I’m a little jealous of the things they get to see and do around our beautiful country. This is one way to see all the states. Well except Hawaii of course. (I don’t think this is what people mean by boat house. Haha.)

If this doesn’t wake a sense of adventure in you, you should check your pulse. Or maybe check this out… Number 10 is to die for! Hopefully not literally, but it would be such a rush! Safety Security Crazy has 10 of the most pulse racing activities out there! Find them here.

Get the full scoop on Jenna and Guillaume’s adventure here…

Little Things: Couple Quits Their Jobs To Move Into This TINY House (photos)

Manta Underwater Resort

The Manta Resort is located in the Zanzibar archipelago. It’s just off the coast of east Africa in the Indian Ocean and is just as unique as it’s location. What makes it so special? It is one of only two completely underground hotel rooms. Other resorts have plans and whispered ideas for rooms like this but this one is a reality. For $1500.00 a night you can have this crazy once-in-a-lifetime experience! Thoughts?

My first thoughts on seeing it were… ‘OMG! Wow! Please can we stay here?’ My second thoughts took a 180 degree turn… ‘Did you SEE Titanic?! Poseidon? Have you experienced claustrophobia?’ I did some research and found out that there aren’t typically any storms in this area so the waters should be calm; sharks mostly leave people alone; underwater glass is strong; and there is an emergency exit. I’m not sure which voice will win out…but either way it is super cool and I’m excited to feature it here today! Here are some of the plans for underwater hotels that might be happening soon. Find them here at Hotelchatter

See it here…Enjoy!


Do you need a vacation? Travel to another country just to get away where no one can bother you, or find you. Utter Inn is located right off the port of Vasteras. Not your typical hotel because it floats on the water! A tiny little bed and breakfast you can rent in Sweden.

I want to go there!

I personally like to have my meals cooked for me when I’m on vacation. Not a problem. Rent the deluxe package and someone will bring meals to you. Sun bathe. Read. Swim. No one will disturb your leave of absence from the real world in this Waterworld retreat.

Enjoy the tour…


Distance between floating hotel and land about 1 kilometer.



Sit or eat outside to enjoy the view.



Or eat indoors if the weather is bad.



Portable potty with a curtain for privacy.



Open the latch and look, a downstairs area surrounded by water.



Down we go! Watch your step.



 Here’s what it looks like from the outside when you’re down below.



Below deck – very comfy.



 Solar panels provide electricity. Inflatable boat to get to land.
Perfect get-a-way!

(Source ViralNova)

28 Houseboats That Will Make You Want To Float Away

Houseboats are one of the most peaceful vacation retreats. You really can “leave all your troubles behind.” (The swim really discourages unwanted visitors.) You really should do this at least once in your life. You won’t regret it! We did it a few years ago and it was the best! Our boat wasn’t like any of these but it did have a waterslide. These boats are awesome! #7 even has a garage for a boat and #8 is 4 stories high! I wonder how many you could sleep comfortably in there?!

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Buzzfeed – 28 Houseboats That Will Make You Want To Float Away

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This Renovated Cave In France Cost $1.34

Talk about bargain shopping. Alexis Lamoureux and Lotte van Reil sure got a deal on this run down cave. It hadn’t been lived in since the 11th century and was quite a mess; that’s probably why they only had to pay $1.34 for it! What a diamond in the rough. They turned it into a luxurious home that anyone would love to own. I love the way they kept the originality of the place while fixing it up. (P.s. For the next time you’re in France, it’s on Airbnb.)

See it here…

Before And After: This Renovated Cave In France Cost $1.34

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The single biggest decision about your wedding day is where to actually have it! So many choices… you can do a destination wedding or stay local. No matter what you decide you’ll have to pick a venue and you’ll want it to be absolutely perfect. If you got the bucks you can just copy the A-listers and have your wedding in the same place as them. You better be patient though or VERY flexible. Some of these places have wait lists of multiple YEARS for summer dates. Check them all out. Wow! So beautiful!

Continue here to see all 10 A-List venues…

Wed Like a Star: 10 A-List Wedding Venues Where You Can Tie the Knot

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glass wall swimming

Right from the start, these pools left me amazed and searching for my passport. When can I head out to Turkey? St. Lucia? Australia? Yup. I need to jump in these pools. Don’t worry if international travel isn’t your thing. Head over to Texas, Colorado, or Las Vegas! It’s hot and the kiddie pool in the yard is not going to cut it, not after seeing these. Which pool is your favorite?

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BuzzFeed – 24 Amazing Pools You Need To Jump In Before You Die

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The 18 Hotels You Must See Before You Die

OMG! You won’t believe these amazing resorts. I absolutely agree with Superette, that you need to find the time to visit some of these in your lifetime. The “Wow factor’ is off the charts! The Attrap Reves is a little too open and public for me but I love it just the same. Which will you start with? I’ve always wanted to go to Thailand.

See all 18 here and be amazed…

Superette – 18 Hotels You Must Visit Before You Die

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disney money saving challenge

On January 1st we featured a 52 week money saving challenge that easily was our all time most popular post. So, when I saw this unique twist on that idea to save $5,000 for a Disney vacation I just had to share it with you. There’s so many great tips and printables on the site to help you along the way over at Passporter Boards. Have fun!

Here’s the link to the challenge details…

PassporterBoards – How To Save $5,000 For A Disney Vacation

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rustic log cabin living

Above is a compilation of a few of my favorite log cabin images from pinterest. There’s just something so cozy about a rustic log cabin with a big fireplace and a stunning view.

My very favorite cabin experiences have been out in the wild and on a remote lake. I would love to some day have my own lake cabin in the mountains but it’s just gonna have to be a dream for now.

Here’s a link to one of my favorite log cabin pinterest boards. Enjoy browsing…

Pinterest – Favorite Cabins

Image Credit: via Debbie