Raise your hand if you love flowers. You can now find my hand fully extended. The thing is, my favorite flower, the tulip, is a spring flower. What is a girl to do when autumn rolls around and her favorite flower is nowhere to be found? I can’t go without flowers for the next six months! I need ideas beyond the basic dozen red roses in a vase. Boring. Been there done that hundreds of times. These 11 ideas are just in time for the winter season!

As nature’s bright colors of summer give way to the muted tones of fall, so to do the colors of your favorite flower vase change. Many of the bouquets here are intended for weddings, but nothing says you can’t steal a few ideas from those who are about to say “I do.” I am loving the oranges and pinks together. I have no idea where to find a lot of the flowers in the bouquets found here but I’ll keep my eyes peeled I’ll need to ask my local florist for some advice! Here is a flower guide you might find helpful to your flower arranging. It’s all about what’s in season.

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Diply: 11 Beautiful Fall Flower Bouquets

Cake Toppers

I died laughing! These are too cute. Long gone are the days of traditional cake toppers. My best friend just had Battlestar Galactica characters atop hers. (Some inside joke between her and the groom I think). No matter how crazy the cake toppers get, the cake still takes delicious and it gives the guests something fun to remember about the reception besides all the horribly bad dancing.

My cake topper is in this roundup! My honey didn’t care about a lot of the little details but he did care about the cake and he picked our topper. #4 takes the cake! It is up on the dresser with our wedding pics right now. I love it and it’s even better since I didn’t pick it out. I’m biased toward the princess and the frog (mine) but Bridezilla is funny and #8 is probably true for this generation. There is something to fit everyone and you can get the bride and groom figurines with any hair and skin color to fit your special day.

Think these toppers are funny/adorable/creative/weird? Wait till you see this roundup of cakes from Buzzfeed.

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Diply: 17 Hilarious Wedding Cake Toppers That Will Make You Laugh

Eclectic Barn Wedding: Kelly & Jeremy

Country weddings are not tacky! They used to be a little run of the mill but that was ages ago before pinterest and insanely creative people like Kelly and Jeremy. Thier wedding, featured at Rustic Wedding Chic, makes me wish I had gone a little more country! I love the mason jar lights. They are beautiful and the wood signs are really creative too.

See their beautiful wedding here…

Rustic Wedding Chic – Eclectic Barn Wedding: Kelly & Jeremy

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The single biggest decision about your wedding day is where to actually have it! So many choices… you can do a destination wedding or stay local. No matter what you decide you’ll have to pick a venue and you’ll want it to be absolutely perfect. If you got the bucks you can just copy the A-listers and have your wedding in the same place as them. You better be patient though or VERY flexible. Some of these places have wait lists of multiple YEARS for summer dates. Check them all out. Wow! So beautiful!

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Wed Like a Star: 10 A-List Wedding Venues Where You Can Tie the Knot

Image Credit: / weddingelation

42 Fun And Useful Wedding Favors

No one needs to have wedding or party favors but they are so much fun. They are the chance to show off your personality and individuality. I wish I had thought of some of these for my wedding! Sadly, I opted for no favors. I really like the little plants (completely useful and cute) and the temporary tats (fun and affordable). Check out these great ideas!

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Buzzfeed – 42 Wedding Favors Your Guest Will Actually Want

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100+ Wedding Projects For The Crafty Bride

I have nothing but respect for the bride that can keep it together, be cool, and find time to craft like Martha Stewart. Let’s just say that I failed in all of these areas. My wedding planner was pretty busy keeping me calm. Austin Wedding Blog has the best roundup of wedding crafts I have seen in a while. Over 101 ideas that are so cute and that will help make your special day even more so!.

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AustinWeddingBlog – 101 Amazing DIY Wedding Projects

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 24 WIne Bottle Centerpiece Ideas

You need to check out these brilliant centerpiece ideas. I’ve decorated with wine bottles before and loved it but after a while it gets lame. These aren’t your boring, stick a bottle with a flower on the table, too lazy to do anything else, kind of decorating ideas. Try your hand at string, hanging, chalkboard paint, candles, glitter, burlap and mini gardens. They have it all. All of them will help your next celebration a ton.

I love it! Here’s the link to all 24 ideas…

Homedit – 24 Stunning Wine Bottle Centerpieces

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Personalized Rings And Wedding Bands

What is it about personalized jewelry? It’s awesome, that’s what it is! The people at 17 Apart made their own fingerprint rings and they gave us a step-by-step on how they did it too. Now I want one! I have seen some fingerprint jewelry before but it doesn’t belong to anyone that I love. How much more special will it be if it is?

Here you go….

17Apart – Wedding Details: Making Our Wedding Bands

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Rustic Wedding Themed Ideas

Planning a wedding can be stressful. I would know. I had to hire someone to take over and to keep me from alienating everyone around me! You shouldn’t have to be stressed about all the little details and how much things are going to cost. You should get to enjoy every minute of the planning and this is one way you can. I stumbled onto these super cute s’more party favors and 4 more wedding reception ideas that fit into the budget and are beautiful.

Don’t stress and here’s the link to all the ideas…

BeautifulBridal – 5 Rustic Wedding Reception Ideas

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