Dye Your Own Hair With This Conditioner And Kool-Aid Mixture

Hair Dye

This video shows a fun way to change your hair color that you will just love! It’s a cheap and easy way to add some temporary color to your life. To get this look you need 3 Kool-Aid packets (pick something bright and fun!), hair conditioner, 2 mixing bowls, Aluminum foil, and hot water. Kool-Aid costs less than a dollar and there is cheap conditioner out there too. This makeover literally only costs dollars.

This would be perfect for Halloween and it washes out after just a few days. I’m sure this works on all hair types but lighter would probably be easier. DIY Natural has some DIY hair dyes that you can make at home that will give you a more ‘natural color.’ There is something here for every hair color from blonde to black. Blue and pink aren’t really my color anymore. Not since junior high. Lol.