Cowboy Meatloaf and Potato Casserole

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cowboy meatloaf and potato casserole

This is a good old hardy meal that will feed an army of hungry men and leave them satisfied. It’s called cowboy meatloaf and potato casserole and looks amazing!

Sometime’s it’s the simplest of dishes that are the best. This would also make a great potluck dish and I am sure would be gone in a minute. if you want to take this recipe to the next level you can skip the quick make potatoes and make your own mashed potatoes to top it off, which will take considerably longer prep time but could be worth it for the fresh flavors.

Grab the recipe here…

SimmerFor10: Cowboy Casserole

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  1. Like the neat ideas that pop up and would like to get details on doing the projects.

  2. This site does not open any recipe. Needs to be fixed. Would love to recieve in my e-mail TY :)

  3. If you cannot find the recipe go to just a pinch website and search there. They have several cowboy meatloaf recipes!

  4. would love all the recipes to be emailed to me, as this site is not allowing me to see them.
    Thank You

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