Cute DIY Baby Sandals

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cute diy baby sandals

I just came across a ton of super cute baby sandals that have been crocheted by people over at But of course my first reaction was to search out a way to make these for myself! Some quick searching and I came across a really great youtube video (watch it here) that shows you how to crochet your own baby sandals.


I also found a really great blog post over at the I’m Topsy Turvy blog that walks you through how to crochet a pair of really cute sandals. Check it out here…

I’m Topsy Turvy:
Crochet Baby Summer Sandals

  1. Rhenda Riggins
  2. jane lipscombe
  3. Driekie Blignaut
  4. Susan Bryant
  5. Bonnie
  6. Darlene
  7. Barb
  8. Kathy
  9. deb tinker
  10. paulette whiting
  11. George Ludington
  12. Denise
  13. Evelyn
  14. Susan
  15. lisa simmons
  16. Antonia Bacarese
  17. Sarah
  18. ashley
  19. June
  20. Inga
  21. Maninder Singh Sekhon
  22. Susan R
  23. gisella
  24. Pattie Moreira
  25. Kirsten Mckenzie
  26. mizuno
  27. Marulu
  28. Brenda Adams

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