DIY Canned Food Dispenser

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diy canned food dispenser

This is a super simple design that will make storing your canned food a breeze. I found a great tutorial on how to build your own canned food dispenser.

This will save you a ton of space and help you get the pantry much more organized!

Here’s the link to the full tutorial…

AmyAndToby: Canned Food Storage

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  1. I think this is about the best space saver i have can goods are stacked on top of one another and takes awhile to find what you need.thanks for sharing wilma

  2. I have one like this. Found that I can write the expiration date on label with sharpie to ensure no old food!

  3. The only thing I see is that “we” would need more variety, a 3-4 can stack. Like split the rack in two. More of them stacked up the wall.

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