DIY Family Photo Luminary

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family photo luminary tutorial

Digital cameras have made it easier than ever to take photographs. The problem is that nobody bothers printing them out anymore. Why not try these great family photo craft ideas so that you can enjoy your photography once again. By following this guide you can create a unique and interesting photo lamp which can be used as a centre piece for your table.

I am so excited to feature this wonderful project from the Our Best Bites blog! You’ll learn how to make these heart melting family photo luminaries following their tutorial. Love this project! You don’t have to do family photos if you don’t want to either… use whatever images you like!

Here’s the link to the full tutorial at Our Best Bites…

  1. Trudy Biccum
  2. Cheryl pearce
  3. Amy Mullins
  4. lois batts
  5. Linda Kafer
  6. Midge
  7. noreen Nadeem
  8. James koloski
  9. karen
  10. Pam Thompson
  11. Nathalie Leclair
  12. ruth
  13. Diane Praty
  14. Melissa Vaughn
  15. Julie Bonner
  16. Mary Reinthaler
  17. Joni Goodine
  18. Kimberly Allen
  19. LaDonna
  20. LaDonna
  21. clara moose
  22. Elizabeth Centers
  23. tina
  24. Maria Ali
  25. Louise Andrews
  26. Cheryl Afifi
  27. Alaine
  28. nike air force 1

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