DIY Floor Length Curtains For Cheap

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diy floor length curtains for cheap

I know that when money was tight we were always looking for good deals on curtains… Our old home had tons of windows that needed window treatments and it was going to cost a lot to cover them all up.

I wish I had seen this idea way back then! Luckily our new home came with curtains and blinds and doesn’t have nearly as many windows since it’s a one level ranch style instead of a two level colonial style. We’ll just gradually change out the current window treatments as we makeover a room but for now we are set.

Here’s the link to the DIY guide…

Liz Marie Blog: DIY Curtains For Cheap

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  1. I want to do something similar in my bedroom, newly renovated for our 25th wedding anniversary. How many inches of fabric should I add to the bottom hem to make it puddle as nicely as your curtains?

  2. Well, these are nice, but I’ll tell you what, when my husband was in the Navy & we moved every few years, we just couldn’t afford new curtains for a whole place every few years. I used flat twin sheets (wider windows you can use larger sheets) – especially when we moved into the place with 3 sets of sliding glass doors. Walmart has really nice soft tee-shirt material ones for about $3.50 each. You can use one or 2 for regular windows for sheer or add depending on how much coverage you like. & the color choices – including kids prints! They already have a seam to run the rod through & then, if a 2 year old heads to them with sticky fingers, they go right in the washer & they don’t change size or shrink unevenly when washed. You can also add a fancy valance to dress them up if you like. I had several compliments & would get giggles when I confessed what they were. I also washed them as they came down & everything went into one dishbarrel box along with a few dryer sheets & then they could be hung in the bedrooms in minutes on a hectic moving day & made the rooms smell nice – even the freshly painted ones.

  3. I love this above idea from Shiela… We are getting rady to finish out/due up our basement and I think I’m going to try your idea Sheila :)

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