DIY Glowing Pallet Bed

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diy glowing pallet bed

Pallets are really the perfect material for a DIY bed. They are usually free to acquire and just need a little bit of paint and some basic hardware to affix them together.

What’s really fun about using pallets for a bed is that you get some nice open spaces beneath the bed that you can light up with LED light ropes. You could also create some sort of drawer system too for extra storage if you’d rather go that route.

I found a really great video slideshow on making a pallet bed over at youtube. This should give you enough inspiration to get started on your own project!

Here’s the link to the full video: Youtube – Austin’s Pallet Bed Frame

Learning how to build a pallet bed makes it easy to make an environmentally friendly bed which can be taken apart and moved easily. Building a bed from pallets is very straightforward and can also be very comfortable.

Tools and Materials Required

– Sander
– Sand Paper
– Wooden Pallets in good condition
– Paint
– Paint Brush

Step 1 – Design

The first thing you will need to do is design the pallet bed. Most of the pallets are a standard size and this makes it easy to work out how they should be fitted together. The design of the bed will depend on the size of mattress you are planning on using.

It’s a good idea to sketch the design out on a piece of paper, or alternatively use cad software to plan how the bed will look. It’s a nice touch to have wider pallets at the top of the bed as this will also double up as a bedside table, and somewhere to put a clock and your phone.

Step 2 – Preparing Pallets

Once you have finalized your design you need to find pallets and then prepare them. Finding pallets should be easy, and it might even be possible to pick some up for free. Simply tour some trading estates looking out for piles of pallets, if you see any then ask if you can have a few. Once you have acquired all your pallets you then need to prepare the surface. Use sand paper so that there is a smooth finish which will paint nicely. If any of the nails are slightly raised then knock them back down by using a hammer and center punch.

Step 3 – Painting

Paint the pallets your chosen color. The palettes can either be painted all the same color, or in a two tone design. The two tone color scheme normally works quite well with a bed as it will lighten up the design. Most palettes are made from dry wood and this means that they will quite often soak up a lot of the paint. Paint a few coats until you get the desired color. Then wait until the paint is completely dry.

Step 4 – Floor Protection

If the pallets are being put directly onto the floor then they could cause damage to wooden or hard surfaces. In this case it’s a good idea to use some felt furniture feet to protect the floor and prevent any scratches. These felt feet can be purchased from any home improvement store.

Step 5 – Assembly

Put all of the pallets out according to your design. They do not need to be fixed together in any way really, since gravity will keep everything in position. The pallets are also quite heavy and this will help to keep everything in place. Once the pallets are laid out in the right order it’s then just a matter of putting a mattress on the top.

Step 6 – Optional Lighting

An optional extra would be to add lighting underneath the pallets. This can be done easily by taking apart an old lamp and mounting the light bulb inside the middle of the bed. Just make sure this doesn’t generate too much heat.

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  1. I really like that bed. I’ve never seen one with lights around the bottom like that. It doesn’t hurt that purple is my favorite color, either.

  2. Wat size do the pallets have to be to make it? Nd is there a mattress size requirement to make it fit right?

  3. I love this and am going to start and hopefully finish the bed im doing tomorrow. Very excited to see how it turns out!

  4. It IS a light up bed, knowing how to put the lights in to make it LIGHT UP might be helpful =-p

  5. I would like to know what kind of lights are under and how to display under the bed so they don’t catch fire

  6. the rope led lights do not get hot. people use them everywhere. under kitchen cabinets, up on high shelves anywhere you want light. you can probably hang them with cup hooks or those kind of hooks I would buy the rope lights and bring them to the hardware store and get hooks that fit around smugly. we are going to make one for our granddaughter

  7. uummm, yes please. I’m a clever girl when it comes to teaching literacy, but I wouldn’t know how to join them all together so they don’t slide apart. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Can u please send me step by step directions and pictures on makin this bed. I want to make it correctly. Tha ks u

  9. PLease someone tell me how to obtain the step by step on how yto make this bed, i want to do it for my daughtrer and i cant find how to build it…HELP!!!!

  10. Alot of people apparently didn’t read the last sentence of this post. the link on the bottom is the ttep by step tutorial. and as far as the lights go. Get LED rope lights and mount using Christmas light brackets. its not that hard, people.

  11. I am unable to open the link for the instructions is there another link or way to obtain them?

    Thank you

  12. Would love someone to post how to make this bed :)
    Please Thanks from so many others asking same question :)

  13. Pleeease can anywone tell me how to make this .thanks a woman from amsterdam. Ill be so happy.

  14. I can’t open the link either! I really want to make this bed…has anybody found the instructions yet?

  15. Realy guys if u take a good look at it its not that hard pallets come in different sizes as well as mattress so wat ever size u want ur bed just measure out ur pallets for ur mattress as for as lights the rope lights most of them come with there own hooks i got some for my patio as for as color it looks like they painted the pallets the colors and the light brought out the color that simple

  16. Really like the idea, but the slide show was hard to follow to understand the process of the construction. Gonna have to watch a few more time to try to get it all right. Would have been helpful to have general instructions or something posted

  17. I can tell most of you who comment here have never been around pallets. The pallets pictures are full sized pallets and are quite heavy, so dont expect them to just slide all willy-nilly on you. Lay them in the formation shown and add a few screws at the junctions. As for rope lights…if you’ve ever decorated your house for christmas, you’ve most likely managed to succeed without step-by-step instructions. Congratulations! you’re going to use those same skills to weave the rope lights in between the support beams in the middle of the pallets before you put the box spring and mattress on. The glowing will happen naturally once you plug it in lol. Some final pointers: Yes, use a box spring. the uneven surface of the pallets will play havok on your mattress if you dont. Also, pallets will need to be sanded on any surface that will be facing outwards! otherwise you’ll get scrapes and splinters if you rub up against the wood by accident. Finally, lay something under the pallet bed for it to sit on. Otherwise it will tear up your floors. I recommend the black matting you can put down under rugs so they wont slide on hardwood flooring. other than that…be creative and have fun!

  18. This would be a favorite for any video gamer like my son. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

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