DIY King Sized Platform Bed

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diy king sized platform bed

We have been looking at new beds lately and the price is pretty outrageous. When you combine a new mattress with a new bed the price can easily be $2,000+.

This platform bed frame looks easy enough to build even for the every day non carpenter. What is the point of a box spring anyways? I have always wondered??

Great plans and photos here…

King Sized Platform Bed Plans

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  1. That is a great idea!!So with this you need no box spring?What will keep the mattress from sliding off of the bed frame?I would put a one by 6 around the bed frame to keep the mattress in place.How about storage drawers on the bottom?

  2. The weight of the mattress will keep it from sliding off the bed frame. I have a platform bed from Ikea, no box spring and storage drawers underneath. I put a 1″ thick piece of foam under the mattress to protect it from wear and tear from the plywood. You could slide clear storage boxes under the bed frame. I’m sure someone could somehow attach drawers.

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