DIY Mandala Pattern Bookshelf

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diy mandala bookshelf

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This has to be one of the coolest DIY home decorating projects I have seen in a while. Most every shelving project we feature here at DIY Cozy Home consists of the same straight lines and horizontal shelves over and over again. It was so refreshing to see a new pattern!

You can do this yourself on a much smaller scale or even a much larger scale depending on your space. If you are sick of the typical flat screen tv on the wall home decor strategy, this design could be perfect for you!

Here’s the link to the original feature and details…

ApartmentTherapy: One Of A Kind Mandala Bookshelf

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7 Responses to DIY Mandala Pattern Bookshelf

  1. koroush says:

    home design ideas

  2. Franny says:

    Beauteous -what are the dimensions

  3. Rozmin says:

    Where should I purchase the mandala book shelf and what’s it prize

  4. Tracy Hadley says:

    I am really interested in making this bookshelf for the next place I move to I was wondering if I can get the pattern.?

  5. Laurie Goodman says:

    I would like information on how to make the Mandala bookshelf.

  6. Suzy Kaplan Olmsted says:

    At first glance I thought I needed instructions, dimensions and/or a plan to build this, but on studying it further, I’ve realized I don’t (and neither do you. It is just three rings of equilateral boxes, each ring smaller than the last, with the largest on the outside, and the smallest at the center. The boxes are turned 90 degrees to each other, which creates the apparent intricate pattern. It’s really very simple.

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