DIY Paper Bag Flooring

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paper bag flooring


So excited to feature the Domestic Imperfection blog today and their paper bag flooring project! They have done an excellent job laying out the steps and providing a really great tutorial for you guys who may want to attempt this one. I also found a good youtube video you can see here. Now, this is not actually made from paper bags but that is the look you are going for. It’s actually made from a giant roll of craft paper that you can find at the home improvement stores in the painting section.

Most people probably haven’t thought of putting paper on a floor before, but paper bag flooring can actually be a very inexpensive way to cover a floor. The finish is also very beautiful and unique, read this guide on paper bag flooring so you too can get the look at home.

Here’s the link to the tutorial… DomesticImperfection – Paper Bag Floors Tutorial

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