20 Affordable DIY Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Worth More

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Your home is a reflection of yourself. It is a space for you to relax and enjoy your life. However, homes can be difficult to maintain. We all want our home to look its best, but sometimes we don’t have the time. We have a solution of valuable home improvements!

This list we have put together contains 20 simple DIY things you can do to increase the value of your home. This list is for everybody who may want to improve their living space. Not only do these improvements make your living space more comfortable, they also make your home worth more. And that is something we can all get behind!

If you are selling your home, or getting ready to sell, then you need to try some of these valuable home improvements out. By improving all the little details of your home, you can increase the overall value! This can make it easier to sell and help you get more for your property.

Whether you are preparing to sell your home or not, this list of valuable home improvements has something for everyone!

1. Upgrade your outlet and light switch plates

valuable home improvements light socket

via: kyleswitchplates


2. Get rid of that popcorn ceiling

Be sure to check for asbestos before doing it yourself! Older homes may have it.

valuable home improvements popcorn ceiling

via: floridaysmom


3. Add visible storage space

Hidden storage is helpful, but when you are selling a home buyers want to see the storage space.

valuable home improvements storage

via: i2.wp


4. Upgrade your bathroom by painting your faucet

valuable home improvements paint faucet

via: sincerelysarad


5. Paint your home with neutral colors

This is what buyers want to see!

valuable home improvements neutral paint colors

via: stylebyemilyhenderson


6. Add mirrors to make the space look brighter

valuable home improvements mirrors

via: gorgeousshinythings


7. Cover eyesores with paintings or pictures

valuable home improvements cover eyesores

via: blissbloomblog


8. Instead of replacing kitchen cabinets, paint them instead

This is much cheaper to do!

valuable home improvements paint kitchen cabinets

via: centsationalgirl


9. And be sure to upgrade your cabinet handles while you are at it

valuable home improvements upgrade handles

via: superfront


10. Add some molding in areas that are bland

valuable home improvements molding

via: remodelandolacasa


11. Make an extra bedroom by installing a closet

Some homes may have an office space or a storage room that can be converted to a new bedroom.

valuable home improvements extra bedroom

via: megandmartinmen


12. Instead of replacing tile, it can be painted over

valuable home improvements paint tile

via: kellysmoonlight


13. Upgrade the lighting in your living room and kitchen

Make the home look more expensive.

valuable home improvements living room lighting

via: hgtv


14. Upgrade your windows by adding new frames or molding

valuable home improvements windows

via: makeit-loveit


15. And paint the inside of your window frames

This makes the windows look newer!

valuable home improvements paint frames

via: inmyownstyle


16. Refurbish old bathtubs with a coat of paint

valuable home improvements paint bathtub

via: diynetwork


17. Add seating in your patio or backyard

valuable home improvements seating outside

via: dhammaa


18. Increase the curb appeal of your home

This is the first thing buyers see when they pull up! Learn how here.

valuable home improvements curb appeal

via: postcardsfromtheridge


19. One of the easiest valuable home improvements is to remember to put all of your pictures away before you list!

valuable home improvements pictures away

via: tbisaacs


20. Also, call a home inspector BEFORE you list, so you know what you need to fix.

valuable home improvements inspector

via: rhodylife


What’s your favorite way to boost curb appeal and overall home value? Please share in the comments below!

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