DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

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diy wine bottle bird feeder

There’s a thousand different ways to feed the birds and get creative with different ideas. I stumbled on this image above and loved the idea. Take an old wine bottle – or now you have an excuse to drink a new bottle of wine and use it to make a bird feeder!

You will need a glass cutter/grinder tool so the seed can pour out the bottom. The one pictured above was actually for sale on Etsy but is no longer being sold so I found a great link to another DIY blog with a little tutorial.

Take a look here…

Just Short of Crazy: Bird Feeder DIY

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  1. I had a look at the link, & yes it is great. I had a thought though….. If you don’t have a way of cutting the glass bottle, how about a plastic bottle with some holes cut into it & even go as far as using an old plastic plate for the base. I have seen plastic bowls that are see-through & coloured to stick as a shade on top. In some places it would be a worry to have glass hanging around that may end up falling & being a hazard, as well as having high wind areas that could have it knock on something or even to someone walking into it… plastic is cheaper & there is plenty of bottles around these days. Anyway, this is a thought & I am actually going to give it a whirl with plastic.
    Regina From Australia

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