Dresser As A Footboard

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dresser as a footboard bedroom design

dresser footboard bedroom

What I love about home design is that there is always something you can do in a unique and different way. I am definitely not afraid to be non-traditional.

This is a really simple idea but something very few people would do. If you have a small bedroom… consider making your dresser a foot board of sorts. The picture above looks like the dresser is actually built into the bed, but this is something you can easily do without spending thousands on a large expensive bed.

Here’s a similar DIY for you to enjoy for inspiration… Great use of a dresser as a footboard but the House Four blog…

HouseFour – Bedroom Makeover

Image Credit: 1 decorology.blogspot.com 2 housefour.blogspot.com


  1. I found a dresses at a garage sale to same length as my queen size bed…Had to raise the bed some but the look is great and very practicle….

  2. We have had an old oak dresser at the foot of our bed for a number of years, it is possibly the most useful piece of furniture I own.

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