Entryway and Mudroom Ideas

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48 entryway and mudroom ideas projects

A mudroom and entryway will collect all manor of things. From coats, to hats and scarves this room will see it all. If you don’t have enough storage then the entry to your home will look very messy. It’s important to make it look tidier by installing plenty of storage. Use wall hooks to hang items, and also install some boxes in shelving to tuck things out of sight. A shoe and boot rack is also a welcome addition to any mudroom.

This is an amazing list of entryway and mudroom ideas you can use as inspiration for designing/decorating your own. There’s several ideas from pottery barn and martha stewart but also several DIY projects any one can tackle.

I really like the reclaimed door idea pictured above. You simply mount an old door to a chest of some sort and then add shelving and hooks as needed. Now everything you need is in one spot! Hang your coats, store your shoes and put your random items on the upper shelving. Recommended tutorial: (Re-purposed door DIY tutorial by The Friendly Home)

Find the link to all 48 ideas hereByStephanieLynn: 48 Mudroom Inspiration and Ideas


  1. On your picture on the very top left there is a white tall saying that has a coat rack and a seated position. what you have there is an original toilet.. That is an antique and is worth a small fortune. my mother has the original one and it is absolutely beautiful in mint condition but in any condition it is worth a lot of money. I don’t believe in taking antiques and wrecking then.

  2. great and functional ideas ! Thanks for sharing all these things which could be helpful to me in the near future !

  3. Hate having to go to several different links to figure things out. Very frustrating!!!

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