Family Tree Wall Decal

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family tree wall decor decal

When I first saw the photo above, I thought it was simply a painted on mural that was then decorated with family photos. But I soon found out that you can actually buy very large wall decals just like these at amazon.

This is such a great idea! I would love to have this on a wall in our house. We are in the process of painting every room right now but I have a nice big wall in mind.

You can get more details on the decals here…

Product Reviews: Family Tree Wall Stickers

Image Credit: via seamstresselite


  1. Good morning,
    Can you please let me know where and how I can buy the Family Tree Decal?
    thank you
    Nadia Majou

  2. i wanted to do this as a family tree and i wanted to do this with the ones that have gone away this is so neat i have been thiking of ways to do this i love it is is just what i wanted

  3. i really love the idea of the family tree wall how do you get the stencils to make one if you know where to buy them please e-mail me thank you p.corr

  4. If you google “Family tree wall decor”, you will get a bunch of different sites that offer them for sale… Good luck!!

  5. I love this idea so much that I designed our Christmas Tree very similar to this Family Tree wall. Our Christmas Tree was covered with family photos as well as family mementos like love letters (copies – not originals), recipes, and really anything that we found while doing genealogy research. It really was a hit with everyone that visited our home during the holidays.

  6. Has anyone noticed that the two trees have different leaf configurations? I am looking one, the one for $150 on Amazon is the bottom one. Does anyone know where the top one can be found?

  7. I looked on Amazon, i couldn’t find anything that size.. they were all just a half a tree, and the branches were way skinnier! i love the thick branches, wish you woulda posted a link for that specific one.

  8. @Kathy Barrack… My understanding was that the top one was actually a mural and the bottom one was a sticker.. it was to show that you didn’t have to hire an artist to paint it, you could buy a sticker that was similar.

  9. I have done a few of these and simply ran off the ‘tree’ that I liked onto a transparency. Placed it on a overhead projector…and traced it on the wall! (Kindergarten class, nursery and my home!)

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