Follow These Easy Steps To Make A DIY Tire Planter

Nothing is better than the feeling of taking something old and tired and turning it into something beautiful.

We found a great video to share with you, along with step by step details, on how to make a colorful tire planter.

Tanya Visser, South African gardening guru, shows us how to create large planters by upcycling old tires.

In her Gardener Magazine, she outlines step by step what you need and how to get the job done.


1. Paint the tires with PVA water-soluble primer:


2. Stack them with the largest on the bottom:


3. Decorate your new planter with vibrant colors:


4. Add drainage pebbles, potting soil and bone meal:


5. Fill your planter with a rainbow of flowers:


Here’s The Full Video Tutorial…