Gift Wrapping In Japan

gift wrapping japan

I saw this video, and others like it, floating around the internet this last week and they made me curious about this wrapping method. Tis’ the season of gift giving and if you are giving one you have to know how to wrap one. I did some practical research and tried this method and it’s a keeper. My experiment didn’t turn out as nice as the one in the video but I’m sure with practice I could master the quick wrap. I think it would save me some paper and tape too!

I am a fan of sticky tape and I like to make sure my Christmas packages are safely taped tight. It’s crazy to me that only 3 pieces of tape are used by the gentleman wrapping! In the holiday movie Arthur Christmas, the elves prided themselves on wrapping any gift with only 3 pieces of tape. Until seeing this I didn’t think it was possible! Now I am a believer. Looking for more creative wrapping ideas? Find them at Country Living