Glitter Frosting Cupcakes

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glitter frosting cupcakes


After one of our facebook fans sent me this picture of glittery cupcakes I just had to do some digging and try to discover the recipe for the edible glitter! I cam across two really great resources… the first is a place where you can just buy it outright… (Amazon – disco dust).

Then I found several tutorials on how to make your own disco dust and I settled on this one as the best I could find and had easy to follow instructions. Feel free to share your own favorite recipes in the comments below. Thanks! Image Credit: / twopartssugar


  1. shannon
  2. sue
  3. Andries
  4. michelle
  5. meow
  6. michelle
  7. lynsey
  8. Courtney
  9. Kim
  10. Kim
  11. Amanda
  12. Amanda
  13. Amanda
  14. Rachel
  15. Candi
  16. Candi
  17. Toni
  18. chelsea
  19. mani
  20. Susan
  21. cheryl
  22. Stephanie
  23. Michelle Diaz
  24. luanne
  25. Jenn
  26. Ana Nichole Smith
  27. Beck
  28. Beverly Nelms
  29. Judy Gilbert
  30. Chris

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