Hanging Mason Jar Lanterns

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mason jar lanterns

I totally love the look of these mason jar candle lanterns and would love to make these for my own back patio. The lids with the chain pictured above are available for purchase over at Etsy.com via The Country Barrel.

However, it should be easy enough to attach a chain to a mason jar so you can duplicate this for yourself. I found the perfect tutorial so you can try it out. It’s a little different twist on the idea but will result in the same functionality.

Take a look here…

Emmaline Bride – Hanging Mason Jar Lanterns

Image Credit: thecountrybarrel.etsy.com


  1. I would want a more permanent reservoir to act as holder. The beans or similar can move allowing the candle to tip. Which could certainly become an issue if you’re hanging these in a place that will see foot traffic.

  2. tony, you could use small rocks of various shapes and colors or those glass “beads” that go in vases.

  3. I used Tea lite candles and QVC have these awesome candles that run on batteries & timer.We fun those awesome ,

  4. Just light the candle and drop a bit of wax in the jar then place the candle on it. When it hardens it acts as a glue. This,way it can’t fall over and once the candle is used up, it is very easy to scrape off. I’ve used this for many other projects, and it works really well.

  5. I think I’m going to try this. I found blue Mason jars and I’m going to try different size jars and candles .

  6. I use the candle wax in the bottom, put in candle, then I used colored stones (some all one color) others mixed colors. Also stones work well. These are even cut when camping out.

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