See Inside This Off-Grid Home On Wheels. I Was Not Expecting That!


It seems we Americans are not the only ones who love the open road. I’ll admit I do sometimes fantasize about driving the old Route 66 in a ‘69 Camaro. What is a country smack dab in the middle of Europe? Austria. Austrian’s love the open road too. Why not, there is so much to see on the continent. Now I am dreaming of a European road trip. I think I will need 6 months to accomplish all I would want to in Europe. Lol. Someday, right?

Check out this Austrian company’s tiny home on wheels. You all know I love tiny homes, especially the most unique and original ones. This particular tiny home is sustainable sourced from local materials. It uses solar panels and batteries for power and recycles all the grey water it uses. Even the insulation is environmentally friendly, made from wool. Here is the link to the Wohnwagon’s official site. Love it.

See inside this awesome caravan here…

LittleThings: Tour This Eco-Friendly, Off-The-Grid Home (photos)