How To Clean A Microfiber Couch

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Most homeowners have dirty couches in their living rooms. The most common causes include stains, pet hair, spillage from kids and more. When you see any dirt or stains on your couch, you might consider getting it cleaned properly. However, hiring professionals can be expensive. It’s even more expensive and difficult when you have a microfiber couch. Therefore, you need some simple tips to thoroughly clean a microfiber couch without spending a lot of money or causing unnecessary damage.

So excited to feature the 55 East Design blog and their couch cleaning tutorial! I think the image above says it all. The before and after is completely amazing. If you have small kids with sippy cups and markers running rampant in your house… this is the perfect guide to cleaning up your couch after it’s been through the toddler trenches.

Here’s the link to the tutorial… 55EastDesign – Microfiber Couch Cleaning Tutorial

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