How To Easily Cut The Bottom Off A Wine Bottle

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how to easily cut wine bottles at home

Found this great video on youtube that shows the easiest way to cut a wine bottle in two. A lot of techniques require a special scoring tool but this method you can do with stuff easily found around the house!



  1. *jaw hits floor* WOW. Those upturned ones with candles in them look wonderful. I’m thinking I could use an old bicycle wheel with the tyre off and some wire to secure each one on, along with flower pots for the plants if I wanted a garden feature. Hmmm!

  2. OMG! Thanks for the info. I recently bought a clearance plant at Home Depot, it was a wine bottle. They’d placed a piece of strapping in the soil, then put in the plant. The strapping sits in the other half of the bottle that’s filled with water – voila – i don’t have to worry about watering it very often!! Now I can make some more – sweet!

  3. OMG great idea I wish I had saw this before I spent a mint on a glass the way doesn’t work that great.thanks for the tip

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been holding on to an empty wine bottle from the last dinner enjoyed with a dear family friend that had passed and was able to do this for my parents for a mother and father’s day. Now they can light a candle for him, put it out and cherish it with the memory.

  5. I just did it and it didn’t work. Can you help me ‘coz i really want this project 😀

  6. I saw the cotton string yet it looks like yarn is it yarn or Cotton sorry for the confusion I want to so do this. where do you get cotton string in multi color?
    thanks for the help. Love the project.

  7. The first 3 times i tried this it didn’t work. i kept making changes- i think the wine bottle didn’t work because it had that bottom ‘finger pouring’ indentation in it. So, i got a flat bottom beer bottle. That didn’t work at first. I peeled away the label so that the yarn (regular, tan yarn) was directly on the bottle glass. I also switched nail polish remover. The first one i used had only 4 ingredients (ACETONE a must) & didn’t work. I used a different one- Acetone still but lots of ingreds (including vitamin E!). The result- it worked- the bottom of the beer bottle dropped off just like the video except it was very crooked (i made sure the yarn was even all around). It would take too much sanding to even it out enough to stand. Plus i found that a tea light &a candle will not stay lit in the bottle unless i let air come in from under the bottle (putting the bottle top back on the bottom with a candle lit i guess reduced air flow too much).

  8. I don’t understand what you mean by the strap….in you post…piece of the strapping…..what strapping….I am lost.

  9. I don’t see the instructions on how to do the self watering container….it sends me to this page of cutting g a bottle….nothing on the self watering plant container…where sis it go?

  10. Been doing this since the late 50’s. did this with glass gallon cider jugs to cover the roses in the winter.

  11. I can not see the video, cause it is not allowed to show it in germany.

    I want to know, how to cut bottels. Cause i want a lamp with bottels.

    Can anybody told me, how to do it?

  12. You take an empty bottle, cut a piece of yarn long enough to wrap around it 5 or 6 times, soak the yarn in fingernail polish remover, tie it around the bottle, overlapping it 5 or 6 times, light the yarn on fire, turning the bottle until the flame goes out, and put the bottle in cold water immediately. It should break where the yarn was. It didn’t work for me though

  13. I beeb in here for 20 mins and this bottle isn’t working. I’ve even tried pouring the nail polish remover over the string twice after it was soaked once and still no luck. DIY what am I doing wrong. My neighborhood is interested in seeing this by labor day

  14. what she did was take a bottle and wrap yarn around 5 times..she then tied a knot and cut the string by the knot. She then removed the string, soaked it inside nail polish remover, placed back on bottle and lit the string. She kept turning the bottle and kept bottle tilted. When fire was going out, she put the bottom of bottle inside the cold water that she had inside sink. Bottom came right off..good luck

  15. I just did this project today with the kids, we did exactly like it did in the video and had no trouble. I do think the hotter the bottle get the better the result is and soak the yarn with the nail polish. It took a few tries.

  16. I tried with a clear wine bottle & no luck. Then I did it with a green wine bottle & it did work. Don’t give up. Keep trying!

  17. I have tried, and have found better luck “dipping,” the yarn, not soaking. When I tried soaking the yarn, it wouldn’t light. Also, the knot needs to be ON the layers of yarn, otherwise when the bottom breaks off- you will get a crack in the area of the knot.

  18. I’ve tried this method 5 Times and no luck. It doesn’t work for me so I am moving on but thanks for the great tips.

  19. Like many others, I have tried this numerous times using various types of polish remover, twine/yarn, and bottles. So far, none of them have worked. Would be a great tip if it did.

  20. So cool! I didn’t have finger nail polish remover so I used rubbing alcohol and yarn, worked on the third try!

  21. This worked for me after about the 4th time (I was using a blue wine bottle). I’m not sure what I was doing wrong but maybe it depends on the thickness of the bottle? I’m not sure.. It worked the first time with a beer bottle though! So don’t give up people! 😀

  22. I’ve tried 4 times now with no luck. Tried a beer bottle and two different wine bottles. Used a cotton string, yarn, and twine. No luck. Waste of my time. Disappointed.

  23. I did this with coke bottles and wine bottles. All worked. I had best luck by not removing the string but pouring the nail polish remover over the string. I also used a cotton twine. Tilting it seems to make a difference as well. Thanks for sharing!

  24. it does work but you have to use hardware store acetone not nail polish remover and cotton string. You have to light it immediately after you tie string because it evaporates fast. Let it burn almost out then drop into ice water. I used a bag of ice in a cooler with water. The thinner the bottle the better the results. Really thick bottles are harder to break. I did about 36 bottles and got about 24 usable. Hope this helps.

  25. Didn’t work :( I was using 100% acetone and acrylic string. Guess I’ll try a cotton string

  26. I’ve tried this too… It did not work, not with string, nor with wool, nor did the lighter fluid or any of the other methods suggested in other videos work… Maybe I am doing something wrong. Would so love to have success in cutting bottles so easily.

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