How To Install A New Power Outlet

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how to change out an old power outlet

When we moved out of our previous home and had to sell it… this is something I really wish I had known how to do. I wanted to buy nice crisp white outlet covers but all the outlets in our home were the beige color.

So, I ended up just buying matching outlet covers but a crisp new white would have looked so much better! When I saw this post with step by step detail on how to fully change out on old power outlet I had to bookmark this site and save for later. Really great tutorial over at Pretty Handy Girl – Love this blog!

Here’s the link to the tutorial…

Pretty Handy Girl: Changing Out Old Ugly Outlet

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  1. Most outlet covers will look like new with only a cleaning and a new screw . Pick up a pack of new screws for $1-$2, and using a sponge and soap makes everything look better. Oh and as far as the video goes if you insert a small precision screwdriver and pull on the wires they come right out … If you keep clipping the wires you won’t have wiggle room to work.

  2. Please don’t do this!!! Leave the electrical work to the professionals! One mistake and this could kill you or somebody else. Electricity is not something to mess around with. And even though pinterest says that “every woman should know this!” It is very dangerous to mess with the electrical in your house. If you wire it up wrong that’s ok, it might work. But if you ever do have a professional (like my husband) come in and it’s wired up wrong it can hurt them.

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