How To Make Halloween Spider Cakes

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fun spider cakes for halloween

The very first spider pictured above made my skin crawl for a second LOL. This is such a fun and simple idea for Halloween. My kids would get a total kick out of this!

Found this wonderful idea over at the Not Martha blog. Tons of great projects over there. Take some time to visit and tour around!

Here’s the link…

Not Martha – Spider Cakes Recipe

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  1. I love the spider cake recipes, but was disappointed to not find the “pocky” at the site linked to for it. I’ll have to come up with an alternative for the legs, but what a fun idea for Halloween. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. You might be able to find Pocky in the Asian food section at your grocery store – I know our Walmart up here in Fairbanks has it on the shelf. Also, if you have a comic book or gaming store near you, you may be able to find Pocky there.

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