How To Make Vintage Memory Jars

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vintage memory jars

Today we are featuring these awesome vintage memory jars created by the fine folks at the August and After blog! These would make for a perfect centerpiece at a wedding. Or you can simply have a few around your house to show off some of your favorite images in a vintage way. Love it! I have never seen any of my friends with a set of these before.

Head over hear to see the full instructions…

August and After – DIY Vintage Pictures Project

Image Credit:

  1. Nola jensen
  2. Faye Hamrick
  3. Charlene Curry
  4. Christine
  5. Linda McCann
  6. karen doyea
  7. Flavia Ovalles
  8. Maxine
  9. yvonne
  10. christine
  12. Randy
  13. Danielle
  14. Amber
  15. Nicole Bauer
  16. Heather Jones
  17. Marissa
  18. Amanda
  19. Phyllis Blackburn
  20. widalie
  21. Ashley Jackson
  22. Mabel
  23. weed eater brands

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