How To Make Your Own 50 Hour Candles

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how to make your own 50 hour candles

Candles are just a good idea to have around no matter what. You never know when your power could go out and you have to rely on candles and flashlights to get around at night. And as we all know with the recent disasters plaguing the East coast in recent months it could be several days before power is restored.

These candles are purported to burn for 50 hours! That’s a lot better than being stuck with your little decorative tea candles that most people have!

Good stuff!

Grab the recipe here…

Teotwawki Blog – DIY Survival Candles

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  1. Please email me info to place a future order, I live in Oklahoma so I def need it for the storms! Thanks!

  2. How much does it cost to make my own 50 hour candles. If very little money involved I would like to know how.

  3. I would like to learn how to make these as I already have the canning jars available.
    Thank you,

  4. People really should NOT be worrying about whether or not these can be scented. In an emergency situation, scented candles are going to be pretty low on the priorities list. And, scenting these would create two problems.
    First, if there is an emergency that traps you where you are, and you can’t air out the area you’re staying in, scented candles will make the area very heavy, and very stuffy, very quickly. Not something you want to deal with during a crisis.
    And the second problem is that people can be allergic to different scents. What could smell nice and relaxing to you, can cause someone else to go into anaphylactic shock. You very likely won’t have access to epinephrine or other medications to stop that person from dying, and it’s pretty much a given that rescue services won’t be able to make it in time…all because you wanted to make these emergency candles scented.

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