How To Paint A Chair Through Lace

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how to paint a chair through lace

Right now we are looking for a new table set. We have an old family table but no chairs to go with it. One idea I had was to get a mix match of older chairs and paint them all the same color to bring the look together.

Then I stumbled on this really great looking idea for painting chairs and leaving a lace pattern of the original wood. It looks amazing. I just hope if/when I attempt it, I can have it come out just as nice.

Take a look at this great DIY right here…

Creativity In DIY – Chair Makeover

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  1. You are putting these post but there is no step by step why is that. There is so many great ideas but no how to.

  2. Love the look, but the link is for a one color application. What are the steps to the multi colored stencil chair pictured?

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