How To Repel Spiders Naturally

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spiders hate peppermint

I found a really great post on a few different ways to repel spiders naturally. I hate spiders and seeing one can give me the creeps for an entire day!

I also have kids running around the house all day and so I don’t want to spray a ton of nasty chemicals inside the house or around the perimiter of our home if I don’t have to.

Great tips! Here’s the link to the guide…

Jill’s Home Remedies: Repel Spiders Naturally


  1. Peppermint oil is very toxic to cats so if you have them in your home you should not use this.

  2. i need a serious way to repel/kill spiders i have a brother thats in a wheelchair and has no feeling from waist down and he was in bed one night and he had anywhere from 2 to 4 spider bites on his legs, can anyone please help me keep these spiders off of him please?

    to identify your emails please post spider repelent on subject so i know not to delete that email?

    thank you…

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