How To Score and Stain Concrete So It Looks Like Wood

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how to score and stain concrete to look like wood

Our back patio is a giant slab of gray concrete and I would totally love to dress it up. I’ve thought of doing tile but that just seems like so much work. And to hire someone would probably be a pretty penny too when you add in the cost of tile whether it’s slate or something cheaper it could still add up pretty quick.

I stumbled on the idea of staining the concrete (eHow) and thought that would be perfect. Then the more I dug, I saw the idea for doing a stain and scoring that would make it look like wood! This would be perfect if I could pull it off. Will have to do more research… Update: It looks like the photo above is actually a “stamped” concrete which I have found out you can do on top of an existing slab if you prep it just right. Here’s some info on how to do that. And here’s a great article that got me thinking about this whole idea that I think you’ll enjoy too.

Here’s the link to help get your wheels turning…

Spring Fever (Concrete Staining)

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  1. I thought this was going to be about HOW to score and stamp concrete ….no HOW to hire someone to do it!! Booo…Boooo!!!

  2. This is a stamped patio that has been stained. You can not get the wood texture with just scoring. Basically means you can not do this to a pre-existing patio (it’s gotta be a new pour, or concrete cap, or even a stamp able overlay). What you can do with a pre existing slab is make it look like planks are in the concrete by scoring it. You just won’t have the wood grain effect.

  3. The only true way to achieve this on an existing slab is to overlay it with a high quality stampable overlay…add color to the mix & use wood grain stamps. It’s costly to hire someone but it’s also a DIY if u get proper instructions either way isn’t cheap or easy I’ve been doin this for 17yrs

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