12 Kids Attic Bedroom Ideas That Will Make You Want to be Young Again

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Attic bedrooms for kids has recently become a hot trend, and after looking through these attic bedroom images I can certainly see why! These attic rooms are absolutely spectacular. I would have loved to have a room like one of these when I was a kid! These rooms look comfortable, and the natural light in some of them is something I would have loved.

Attic bedrooms are not only cool, but they are great ways to use the space in your house. If your attic is properly insulated and gets good airflow, you too can create a bedroom up there. It is like adding a whole extra bedroom! Just think about what you could do with all of that extra space. These rooms are great for younger kids and teens.

So if you are thinking about turning your attic into a bedroom, these photos are sure to provide great inspiration! If not, you can still enjoy these wonderful ideas and maybe bookmark them for later, if you ever decide to try this yourself.

1. A playground in the bedroom? Love it!

kids attic bedrooms playground

via: homedit


2. I love what they did with the loft — what a great idea for sleepovers.

kids attic bedrooms loft

via: stylehouseinteriors


3. This contemporary bedroom is absolutely stunning.

contemporary kids attic bedroom

via: doahamba

4. If you want an attic bedroom but have little space, make the most out of it!

kids attic bedroom little space space-2

via: hannaandersson | houzz

5. You are never too old to have a swing in your bedroom.

kids attic bedroom swing

via: yosiquese


6. Or an air hockey table!

kids attic bedroom air hockey table

via: smalldesignideas

7. These rooms look so cozy!

cozy kids attic bedroom cozy kids attic bedroom

via: houseofturquois | laurauinteriordesign

8. With bedrooms like these, it is almost rude not to share!

twin kids attic bedroom twin kids attic bedroom

via: mydomaine | thisoldhouse

9. What a lovely ocean theme.

This theme would be great for homes near the beach.

ocean kids attic bedroom

via: dreams-and-wishes-blog

10. Attic bedrooms can also make great guest rooms for kids staying over.

guests kids attic bedroom

via: drawhome


11. Older kids can have attic bedrooms too!

older kids attic bedroom older kids attic bedroom

via: mytechref | homemydesign


12. If you cannot fit a bedroom in your attic, you can always go for a play room!

playroom kids attic bedroom

via: otkeduleper

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If you were a kid again, which bedroom would you like to have? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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