Creative Kid’s Bedroom Storage Ideas

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kids bedroom storage

Depending on the age of the child, a loft bed might be an ideal way to free up some precious space in the room. The space under a loft bed can be used for a desk, makeup area, play area or simply another desk. Even if they are too young for a loft bed, you can reclaim some of the storage by using raised beds. A bed can be raised slightly higher off the ground, and a series of drawers or other storage can be fitted under the bed.

I absolutely love the under the bed storage idea pictured above. Even if you only have one child, they can use one bed for sleeping and the other can get some big pillows to prop against the wall and make it into a reading space.

I wanted to find some more great ideas for you guys and found an article over at Apartment Therapy that rounds up 10 additional ideas. I really like idea #7 that combines lots of shelf storage and doubles as a desktop for art/school time projects.

ALSO SEE: Corner Bed Constructions Plans (as pictured above)

Here’s the link to all 10 storage ideas: ApartmentTherapy: 10 Storage Solutions For Kids

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