300 Sq. Ft. Kit Shed Transformed Into An Amazing Tiny Home

300 Sq. Ft. Barn To Tiny Cabin Conversion

I can’t get enough of these tiny houses. I love the architects and designers brilliant planning. The full kitchens and bathrooms never ceases to amaze me. Even though they are small, tiny homes aren’t lacking for modern conveniences. And this cabin, found over at Tiny House Talk, is no exception. I know that you will love it as much as I do!

This 300 sq. ft. barn, turned rustic hunting lodge is a ‘tiny home work of art.’ It is so cozy and warm! And the personal touches are the best. I love the staircase and driftwood decorations. The checkered deer on the wall is pretty fun too. This house has a lot of personality! I think that is the #2 reason tiny homes are so popular right now. #1 being that they are sustainable, eco-friendly, simple, and that you won’t have a mortgage. The second would be the limitless designs and possibilities to express yourself. Find more totally unique tiny houses here

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Tiny House Talk:
300 Sq. Ft. Barn To Tiny Cabin Conversion