Guy Builds A Man Cave That Looks Like It’s Straight From The Wild Wild West

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1. First step to building the ultimate man cave… you need an empty or unused room.


What is a man cave? A sacred sanctuary full of manly ‘stuff’ that a woman does not want around the house. Usually these rooms are constructed with modern high tech toys and dons a big screen television. Of course, that would cost a lot of money.

One guy found a way to use discarded materials to keep his cost down. He built a very charming rustic cabin room. I prefer to have a portable DVD player in my solitary space.

Let’s go through the steps on how he constructed his cabin of solitude for only $107!

2. For that rustic look you will need to use a rustic hand draw knife.


3. Keep cost down by finding free wood thrown out by a local company.


4. Careful to cut the wood the right size for the floor and wall panels.


5. Find free stones off the side of the road to construct a fake fireplace for ambiance.


6. Next step is to get the walls up.


7. Then the floors.


8. Finally, time to add a door.


9. For that Wild Wild West decor you need rifles – Duh!


10. Can’t call it rustic without a mounted deer head.


11. Black kettle on the fire just like in Little House on the Prairie.


12. Time to furnish the man cave. First a dining table and chairs.


13. Add a few antique tools and a flannel jacket.


14. Place a few old photos on the wall along with skulls and horns.


15. Finishing touch, your personal chair. Now that’s a manly man cave!