Mason Jar Citronella Mosquito Lamps

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Mason Jar Citronella Mosquito Lamps

I have been looking for an affordable and easy way to keep the mosquitos at bay while we are outside enjoying our patio. I really don’t want to slather us all up with bug spray every day and all those chemicals if I don’t have to.

So, when I saw the above pictured idea, I knew I had to try these out. They look perfect! Here’s the details on how to make them and some additional tips…

Flickr – DIY Oil Lamps

Image Credit: flickr – jenna


  1. Looks simple. Just drill a hole it the top of the jar about the same size as the wick. Then buy some citronella and fill the jars.

    •1 mason jar with metal lid.
    •1 nail, drill, or just something to puncture the top of the lid to create a small hole for the wick.
    •Citronella oil.
    •Fiberglass wick -OR- 1 strip of 100% cotton material to be used as a wick (an old sock, maybe.)

    It’s important that it be 100% cotton. If there is polyester or anything else in it, it may produce unhealthy fumes when it burns.

    So, make a hole in the metal lid, and run your wick down to the bottom of the jar through that hole.

    Only expose about half an inch of wick above the lid or you will end up with a pretty big flame.

    *The cotton material will eventually burn down and you’ll have to continue to pull the wick upward. Making it a little long to compensate is a good idea.

    TIP: Take copper freezer tubing from Lowes or Home Depot and cut off about an inch of the tube. Place the wick through the tube, and then the tube sits in the hole in the lid.

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