Melted Crayon Christmas Ornaments

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crayon christmas ornaments

Here’s another really fun Christmas ornament project you can easily do with your kids. Find some clear glass ornaments and melt bits of crayon inside them using a hair dryer! Also, don’t miss our penguin ornament feature as well.

See all the rest of the photos and the instructions right here… LivingLoving – Melted Crayon Ornaments Tutorial

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  1. I love the DIY going to use alot for homemade gifts..the mosiac pebbles blew me away!! Im going to try it soon! Smiles and blessings sent your way! Thanks for sharing the projects!

  2. we have done this for years but I go to Hobby Lobby and buy paints. The kids love it!

  3. How big are your crayon pieces? I would try using crayon shavings/chips (sharpen them or use a knife.) Also, check that you are using your highest “heat” setting not the highest fan setting on your dryer. Hope this helps.

  4. I tried the crayons and had limited success and not so pretty. Switched to paint and with much easier prep and process achieved the looks shown in the pictures but only after switching to paint.

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