Miniature Crochet Animals (Free Patterns)

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suami mini crochet

I just stumbled on these super cute miniature crochet animals created by Suami. You can find all her wonderful little creations over at her Etsy store!

For you DIYers… I found an awesome blog that features thousandss of free patterns for tiny creations just like this. Head over to the Great Amigurumi blog for all the goodies!

Here’s the link…

GreatAmigurumi – 2,000 Miniature Crochet Patterns

Image Credit: Suami – etsy

  1. Juliean potts
  2. Jenny Cormack
  3. Jenny Cormack
  4. Mary Unekis
  5. Gail
  6. Donna-Marie Lee
  7. mary h
  8. Jenni
  9. jacqui k
  10. Dee Ashley
  11. yvonne
  13. Mary
  14. babette polman
  15. S.
  16. dene
  17. Amy
  18. Adrienne
  19. Anna

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