Is This House Quite Possibly The Narrowest Home Ever Built? Look Inside. Wow!

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Triangle House

What do you do when you don’t have much property for building? Build up! A family in Japan purchased a small triangle plot of land and had to get very creative designing a home that would fit on it. The architectural firm of Mizuishi Architects Atelier, did a brilliant job!

This house is huge compared to most tiny homes! It is 594 square feet of creativity and isn’t lacking on any amenities or conveniences of a bigger home. It is very open with amazing lighting. I love natural light and that’s one of the reason I love this house. Another reason is that it reminds me of the houses in England that are smushed together but really tall.

I think those are fun. This one has more privacy than those! I’m thinking a little more privacy in the bedrooms would be nice, especially with young children, but other than that I love it! Oddee has some other houses that are awesomely strange shaped too. They are so fun! Which is your fav?

See inside this seemingly narrow home and prepared to be be blown away…

Little Things: Narrow Home Tour (pictures)