Outdoor Camping Bubble

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outdoor camping bubble

I have seen these outdoor bubbles floating around facebook land for a while now but never really dug in to see who makes them and what they are all about. I would love to have one of these in a secluded and private wooded setting for camping. My biggest question though… do you have to run a blower fan to keep this thing inflated or does it support itself?

Here’s the link to more details…

AliBaba – Bubble Tents For Sale

Image Credit: miaminewsday.com


  1. structures work with a sealed inner pressure, they are 100% airtight. They do not require the constant use of an electric compressor, and therefore do not need to be connected to an electric socket or to a generator.

  2. If they are 100% airtight, how can a person breathe? I think this dome is awesome, but doesn’t it go against the whole ‘don’t stick your head in a plastic bag’ rule? How is it breathable and water/fire proof?

  3. The airtight is that the mogule itself is tight so that no exterior influence can enter. Sense it is attached to you house, cabin, or whatever it gets its airflow from there. I do agree that a fart bomb would be most unpleasant.

  4. every time you open the door to come in or out wouldn’t the pressure inside change? matching the pressure outside?
    and wouldn’t you eventually run out of oxygen? unless you got some plants inside…

  5. It’s air tight as in the walls not the whole thing it’s probably like anything else that you blow up there’s most likely two sheets of plastic sealed together that you fill with air…It’s not like the whole thing is standing up by the air pressure inside of the structure. Just by how much air is pumped into the walls of it.

  6. I won’t buy things with plastic or petroleum or palm oil in them. I used to used an apricot kernel scrub until I found out it contained palm oil now I have found one which has bamboo grounds.

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