Raised Floor Storage Solutions

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raised floor storage

If you have a small condo with very little storage but you have nice high ceilings… this could be the perfect solution for you! Have you considered building a raised floor with hidden storage?

You could even have a slide out bed underneath and then make the top your home office. You are truly limited only by your imagination when it comes to home design. Love this idea!

Here’s a great resource full of tons more built-in storage ideas. Over 50… Enjoy!

Image Credit: searchhome.net


  1. What an amazing concept. I love how you have created so much more storage space. I also love that it can be kept a secret if you need to store things that you don’t want stolen if someone were to break into your house. Love it.

  2. I thought about doing this in my dining room but decided against it. Now my plans are to do it in a corner of the bedroom (aka: the cats’ room) where the litter box corral will be. I’m raising the floor of the corral for two reasons: to make it easier to clean the litter box and to have storage under it for the cat stuff.

  3. What an awesome idea!!!! I would love to know how this was built! Are there any general instructions or a website I can go to so I can get an idea of how to do this?

  4. It’s Chinese ( traditional Han) and with the help of Google translate you can actually read the instructions. I want to make my bedroom floor like this, but i’m not sure how much pressure will the empty spaces handle.

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