17 Creative Ways To Rejuvenate Old Jeans

new life to old jeans

Jeans have been around for a long time, and most of us own a pair (if not a few!). Most of you have some old jeans kicking around that perhaps were your favorite at one point but now they may be too old or out-dated.

We’ve scoured the web to come up with some unique and creative ways to rejuvenate those old jeans so you can wear them once again. There is a lot you can do with an old pair of jeans! Add lace accents or even gems. Have fun browsing…

1. Bleached Aztec Style Jeans:

bleached aztec jeansMintedstrawberry.blogspot.com

2. Easy Tie Dye Jeans:

diy tie dye jeansGarotasmodernas.com

3. Paint Splattered Jeans:

paint splattered jeansMisskristurner.com

4. Lace Bottom Jeans:

lace bottom jeansInterestingfor.me

5. Palm Tree Print Jeans:

palm tree print jeansGoldfishkiss.com

6. DIY Distressed Jeans:

diy distressed jeansBlog.fossil.com

7. American Flag Jeans:

american flag jeansBlog.freepeople.com

8. DIY Studded Cuff Jeans:

diy studded cuff jeansBlog.forever21.com

9. DIY Studded Cuff Jeans Alternative:

diy studded cuff jeansIlove-beauty.com

10. Boot Cut Jeans Turned Into Skinny Jeans:

diy skinny jeansBrit.co

11. Patchwork Jeans:

patchwork jeansUnetouchederoseeng.blogspot.fr

12. DIY Lacey Jeans:


13. Distressed Stained Jeans:

distressed stained jeansLovethispic.com

14. Polkadot Boyfriend Jeans:

polkadot boyfriend jeanshttps://Ilove-beauty.com

15. DIY Ripped Jeans:

diy ripped jeansOurdailyideas.com

16. Sharpie Lace Printed Jeans:

sharpie lace printed jeansParitatime.com

17. DIY Dotty Jeans:

diy dotty jeansBlog.imbreannarose.com

I hope you enjoyed this round-up!