Rice Krispy Roll Ups

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rice krispy treat chocolate roll ups recipe

Just went out to sushi last night so “roll ups” were on my mind when I came across this fun idea. Here’s a recipe for rice krispy treat chocolate roll ups! This looks like a great idea and will definitely give it a shot next time I don’t feel like baking and just want something quick and easy.

I am sure you can get really creative with rice krispy treats if you tried. This blog has tons of great ideas and recipes. Check it out!

Here’s the link…

The Kitchen Cookie: Krispy Roll Ups Recipe

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  1. Thank you! Went to check where my blog traffic is coming from and found you! 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

  2. We made some the other day with icing in the middle. Be sure to not let the rice krispies cool too long before rolling, or it will be hard and break. 🙂

  3. I tried these with some modifications this weekend. Instead of putting the peanut butter in the chocolate, I mixed it with the marshmallow creme and then the rice crispies. They were so, so good.

  4. Great to try mixing the peanutbutter into the rice krispies with karo syrup, no marshmellows, then use melted chocolate and butterscotch chips in the middle, look up “scotcharoos” and do the same thing, but roll up before it cools! yummy!

  5. My son is on a very restricted diet so it’s hard to find neat snacks for him to have. This is perfect as I can get these ingredients suitable for him. Thanks so much for sharing, this is great and he absolutely loves them!

  6. Going to try peanut butter with the rice krispies, nutella on the rice krispies and a banana after that.

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