Romanian Castle Said To Be Bram Stoker’s Dracula Inspiration Can Be Yours For $80 Million

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What do we think of when we think of Dracula? Vampires and Castles. Dracula is a fictional character, but the castle said to be an inspiration for Bram Stoker’s 1987 book has just been listed for sale. But you don’t need to be a fan of Dracula or vampires to appreciate this piece of real estate. This castle is the very definition of a medieval castle. It has spectacular views, a beautiful courtyard, and even a secret dungeon that was uncovered during renovation.

The Dracula castle for sale was built sometime between 1211 and 1388 and housed many warriors throughout its history until being gifted to the Habsburg royal family in 1920. When the communists came to power in 1948, the royal family was forced to leave the country. Now, the heirs of the Habsburg royal family run the castle as a tourist destination.

These heirs of the Habsburg royal family listed the Dracula castle for sale, ideally to sell it to a new owner who will continue operating the museum or perhaps open a hotel. Their listing price is $80 million. If you want the castle for yourself, be prepared to pay top dollar. The owners have not yet accepted a $47 million dollar bid from the Romanian Government and are looking for better offers.

But you don’t need to buy this castle to appreciate what it has to offer. Take a look at the castle yourself below!

‘Bram Castle’ is located in Braşov, Romania. Braşov is the seventh largest city in Romania and is located in the Transylvanian valley.

Dracula castle for sale bram castle 1

The castle was built sometime between 1211 and 1388. Throughout its history, it has housed warriors, knights, and royal families.

Dracula castle for sale 2

Queen Marie, the grand-daughter of queen Victoria, was the last owner of the castle before the communist takeover in 1948. The photo below is of Queen Marie and Princess Ileana.

Dracula castle for sale queen

The castle property still contains Queen Marie’s tea house. This was where Queen Marie liked to enjoy her tea.

Dracula castle for sale tea house

Princess Ileana had her own house on the property as well.

Dracula castle for sale 4

The castle grounds are known to be quite extensive and there is plenty of room to walk around.

Dracula castle for sale grounds

The Castle is a huge tourist attraction that has 560,000 annual visitors from all over the world.

Dracula castle for sale Tourists

And we can see why they get so many visitors due to these breathtaking views!

Dracula castle for sale views

The castle has some creepy features to it like this staircase that was once hidden behind a fireplace. The tunnel went out into the castle grounds.

Dracula castle for sale fireplace

One of the most popular rooms in the house is King Ferdinand’s dining room. Just look at those exquisite ceilings!

Dracula castle for sale king dining room

‘Bram Castle’ features huge original stone fireplaces throughout the building. These were built to keep the residents warm. The castle doors also retain their original stone work.

Dracula castle for sale stone

Here is a drawing room with one of those fireplaces. This is the largest drawing room in the house and features a paneled ceiling.

Dracula castle for sale drawing room

This is the music room, one of the more modern rooms in the castle. This room has been fully restored to have a more modern feel while still maintaining the castle image.

Dracula castle for sale music

The castle also features some amazing furniture. Just look at that beautiful canopied bed!

Dracula castle for sale bram castle bedroom

If extravagance is not your thing, the castle does contain several modest bedrooms.

Dracula castle for sale modest

This room is called the Biedermeier Drawing Room. The walls were plastered over, but the furniture gives an example of what this room would have looked like during medieval times.

Dracula castle for sale drawing room 2

And yes, this castle does house a spooky looking library. Who knows, there might be a secret dungeon behind a book case!

Dracula castle for sale library

The upper terrace of the castle holds some of the most spectacular features, however.

Dracula castle for sale terrace 1

It features beautiful arched open-air windows that provide stunning views.

Dracula castle for sale terrace 2

Like this view of the castles grounds and round tower!

Dracula castle for sale tower

Yet no castle is complete without a courtyard.

Dracula castle for sale courtyard

In the courtyard you can see original, untouched stone work around some of the windows.

Dracula castle for sale stone courtyard

It also has its own wishing well.

Dracula castle for sale well

It is easy to see why this castle is worth $80 million. It would be a dream come true to live here!

Dracula castle for sale castle

Photo credits: Bran Castle

If you had $80 million to spare, would you buy this Dracula castle for sale?

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