These Appear To Be Simple Warehouse Structures But Are Really So Much More

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Building and designing a home is a dream for many. It takes real skill, talent and creativity to create unique and unforgettable home though. But, that is exactly what Morton Buildings does time and time again! Morton Buildings create custom homes that often appear simple and even plain on the outside. But once you step foot inside it’s a whole other story.

The photos you are about to see may look plain at first, but pay close attention to the details and the lavish interior decor. These buildings are actually beautiful mansions and cabins, but you might never guess that from the exterior…

Paul from Texas is the proud home owner of this Morton cabin:

Morton Buildings

From the outside it doesn’t look like much of a traditional home:

Morton Buildings

But once you enter your eyes will feast upon rich, handsome decor:

Morton Buildings

Gorgeous flooring, wooden staircases and railings:

Morton Buildings

It even features a dumb waiter!

Morton Buildings

The wide open space is perfect for hosting parties:

Morton Buildings

Take a look at those unique chandeliers:

Morton Buildings

The deep red and rich wood in this master bedroom is very appealing:

Morton Buildings

A wonderful view from upstairs of the entertainment area:

Morton Buildings

Look how long the home is – 110 feet!

Morton Buildings