Star Wars Themed Paper Snowflakes (Printables)


Know what my honey and I are doing on Thursday night? Going to the new Star Wars premier! That’s right… we got an overnight sitter for the kiddos and are going to stay up late and party the night away with R2D2 and the gang. So excited! Star Wars is taking the world by storm, again. I wasn’t around the first time (May 25th, 1977) but it’s fun to be apart of all the hype now. You need to get on board! There are plenty of fun things to do relating to ‘The Force,’ that don’t require setting foot in a movie theater.

Check out these paper snowflakes. This craft from Handimania is super cool and they are so much better than anything I ever made as a child. You need razor sharp scissors, an exacto knife, and these fabulous printable templates. Get the templates here. I’m gonna do a stormtrooper first. Enjoy…